Masterball/Entei Problems

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Masterball/Entei Problems

Post by ukneadmorebread » Thu Jul 27, 2017 10:33 pm

I just had a few questions about acquiring the master ball and the Entei encounter manip in Crystal. Thanks ahead of time and please feel move this thread to the right spot if it belongs somewhere else.

Today I was in the middle of a run and I had set my trainer ID to the required one (27623) using RNG manip at the beginning as outlined by entrpntr. However, when I reached Goldenrod, the lottery number was 37937 instead of the expected 01001 for Kenya. Do I need to clear all saved data at the beginning each time I don't hit 27623? The run before that I had cleared all saved data but my on first try I was a frame early with the trainer ID. I then soft reset once more and managed to get 27623. Is it possible that my Lottery ID was set to the early frame trainer ID and was saved for my subsequent run? I was under the impression that simply not having a save file and the hitting 'New Game' each time would generate a new Lottery ID and the trainer ID would reflect that Lottery ID.

Also, I can't really find a source for Entei encounter manip, only Exarion's Entei guide on Is there another guide somewhere I could watch or read about it? I have tried the ~12.60 second method from the last tile of Ecruteak with the Pokemon March music and repels. I would say 75% of my attempts fail and I have actually encountered 8 Raikous to 3 Enteis. Does the manip simply work to generate an encounter, and then it's essentially a coin flip for Raikou or Entei? It is also quite possible (and likely) that my execution was off.


7/29/17 Edit:

So in exploring possibilities in my first concern, my suspicion was correct - Lottery ID is set once after you delete saved data and select new game then isn't changed until a long time passes or you delete saved data and click new game again.

Also, Entei "manip" is probably not a manip in the sense that it's well understood and can be consistently executed like manips for other games. I have been working on various timings to see if anything consistently gets Entei, and, honestly, it might just be completely random (or dependent on in-game time or something not well understood). I have filmed when I have encountered Entei and the times are never consistent. I have also tried to replicate these timings, but even when I load the save file at the same time, I usually get no encounters. I think Exarion just managed to get lucky with his early Entei encounters in his WR runs. So far I've done the Entei route twice, and while it is faster, it is only faster than totodile on average if you can catch him within ~4-6 minutes (or less, obviously). If not, it's pretty much run over. One time took me 15 minutes to find Entei, the other, 12 minutes. I also found more Raikous during these attempts than Enteis. By the way, I am using the Gambatte emulator, so this may not be accurate for console. I will probably try on console soon and see what I get, but my game battery for my Crystal cartridge is dead so this probably won't work.

The times I have gotten Entei usually hover around 12.3 or 10.7 seconds from reset; however, Raikous are even more common to encounter with these times. Also I'm not sure if others knew this already but Entei's stats for that run seem to be generated when you encounter him, not when you create a new game. So if we can find a consistent encounter manip, it would be possible to catch an Entei and see if its stats are good enough, otherwise, try again on another Entei with only minor time loss of around 45 seconds to 1 minute.

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Re: Masterball/Entei Problems

Post by Exarion » Sun Jul 30, 2017 6:03 am

Entei is 26% to appear on the first try. The success rate of subsequent, manipped attempts is unknown because the community hasn't looked into Gen 2 RNG in depth (it's not as easy to solve as Gen 1). In any case, it might require you to hit a certain frame, so failures could just be execution errors.

Gambatte does not have accurate RNG for Entei manip, although that may change soon. Also, because hard resets are faster on Gambatte, console offsets will not work.
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