Japanese Leaderboards Are Now Being Added

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Japanese Leaderboards Are Now Being Added

Post by Keizaron » Wed Mar 01, 2017 7:00 am

After communicating with the Japanese Pokemon speedrunning community, I'm pleased to announce the following:

Japanese categories and leaderboards will now be added to speedrun.com beginning today!

This will be a slow process; as of now, only the Red/Blue/Green Any% Glitchless leaderboards are available. As spreadsheets are provided to me from the Japanese community, I will add them. No promises made, but an estimate of ~3-5 months to full completion is the goal.

Please note that Japanese runs may have different rules from the current English runs, both in timing and what is allowed/not allowed. Also note that, while the Niconama RTA leaderboards (which is what these leaderboards are based off of) don't require video proof for anything short of the top time, it would be easier and most appreciated if it were treated to the contrary. Be sure to read and review the rules for every run you wish to attempt, and happy running!


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