Some Changes to Leaderboard Rules and Emulator Rules

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Some Changes to Leaderboard Rules and Emulator Rules

Post by Keizaron » Wed Feb 08, 2017 4:47 am

We've made some changes to the leaderboards and some rules. Here's the rundown:

- Game Boy Interface (GBI) has been added as a platform.
- All console runs in gens 1-3 have had their platforms changed to Game Boy Player (GBP) or Game Boy Interface (GBI).
- All emulator runs in gens 1-2 have had their platforms changed to GBA [emu]. This is due to the following rule:
- Starting March 1st, 2017, all emulator runs for gens 1-2 must be done on Gambatte-Speedrun (GSR) [currently on build 600]. No other emulators will be accepted. You can download GSR here:
- Current non-GSR emulator runs will be grandfathered in, and other approved emulators will be allowed up until March 1st, similar to the RTA grace period.
- Due to GSR being the only emulator allowed, the border rule will be updated; you may either display your window border, or you may hard reset at the beginning of each run (GSR has a tell upon hard reset).
- GBC as a selectable platform is now currently disabled; there are some changes coming in the near future that will allow GBC to be an option for any potato cam connoisseurs, but for the time being that audience is zero. This is so we can ensure that the correct platform is selected for your runs.

Another thing worth mentioning: due to GBI being added as a platform, we will not be exploring penalties for gens 1-3 due to logistical reasons.

Thanks guys, and happy running!


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