Torchic% For Omega Ruby

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Torchic% For Omega Ruby

Post by XacerB8 » Mon Sep 26, 2016 6:35 am

Hi all,

I was inspired to try this from Ryziken's efforts in Emerald, so I am routing Omega Ruby with Torchic. I plan to go up to the Groudon fight with Torchic, before picking up the standard route at the end.

I've currently routed solidly up to Roxanne, and am currently testing strats for Brawley/Dewford Gym.

I'm just gonna dump the info here and update the space as I progress:

Stats for Torchic @ L5: 11 Atk/12 SpA/10 Spe

Because Torchic is a Fire type, Roxanne would basically be unbeatable. So, we need to get to Combusken, when we will learn Double Kick. Here's how that route goes:

- Kill the Wurmple that you're guaranteed to encounter [L6]
- Rival 1: 6x Scratch [L7]
- Calvin: 2x Ember
- Rick: 1x Ember [L8]
- Allen: 1x Scratch, 2x Ember
- Tiana: 2x Ember [L9]
- Beach youngster: 3x Ember
- Winston: Ember, Scratch (Need to Scratch so he doesn't use Full Restore), Ember [L10]
- Lyle: 3x Ember [L11]
- Magma Grunt: 2x Ember
- James: 1x Ember
Ether & Balm Mushroom
- Possibly grab Echoed Voice?
- Cindy: Ember, Scratch, Ember [L12]
- Haley: 1x Scratch, 2x Ember
- Ivan [Fisherman]: 1x Scratch, 1x Ember (x3) [L13]
- Jose: 3x Ember [L14: Peck > Growl]
- Joey: 1x Scratch, 3x Ember
Use A Potion
- Clark: 6x Ember [L15]
Catch a Zigzagoon [Rock Smash]
PC Heal @ Rustboro and deposit Zigzagoon
- Josh: 5x Ember
- Tommy: 3x Ember [L16: Double Kick > Sand Attack]
- Roxanne: 4x Double Kick


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