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Alpha Sapphire Rerouting

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2015 1:39 pm
by Sinstar
So as soon as I saw that the Primal could be entirely skipped with Kyogre I knew Alpha Sapphire was always going to be the faster game in the end. This then gave me the idea to apply strats similar to what Garfield came up with for the AZ fight in XY into the final rival fight in AS. I had noticed that the Mega Sceptile animation takes forever (about 16s) this combined with the turns + death animations/cries means it's actually quite a lot faster to die to the Swellow at the start of the fight. He always uses Aerial Ace, and it takes between 6 and 7 turns for him to kill you without criticals. The time save from this over the best case normal fight (OHKO Wailord with Origin Pulse) adds up to around 22 Seconds for a 7 Turn death to Swellow.

This time save prompted me to look into routing Alpha Sapphire in depth, I went through the entire route I had for Omega Ruby, and adapted it along the way for AS. I did in depth calculations for every important fight, coming up with this route as it stands: ... sp=sharing

The notes are pretty much final for this first iteration of this route, but can easily be amended if anything new is found, which I'm sure it will.

Anyway to summarise the major changes in the route over my previous Omega Ruby runs and some of Imax's Sapphire runs they are:

1. Fight Yongster Josh in the gym and Jose on route 116 instead of Georgia and Clark, this costs approximately 17 seconds but gives you level 16 for the seconds fight in the Oceanic museum, allowing you to always outspeed Zubat and removing the damage range, and giving you a guarunteed oneshot on Carvanha with Mud Shot and Soft Sand. Saving 1 turn for a much safer fight.

2. This fight being safer is important since I am now planning to skip picking up the PP UP on Route 109, saving 14 Seconds in movement, but this means you can only buy 1 Super Potion in Slateport, making running out of potions a real risk if you are not Marshtomp for the second Grunt.

3. Using X attack and Rock Tomb on Rival 2 if you don't have the Special Attack to guaruntee the one hit with Echoed Voice at +3 (19+ IV), this gives you somewhere between a 20 and 40% chance of dying to Grovyle but saves 1 turn in the fight, and makes it worthwhile to equip the Soft Sand for the level 14 Carvanha in the Museum. It means you have to spend less money on X Items so you can buy usually 1 more Super Potion. It also means you don't need to use Echoed Voice after Brawly, allowing you to skip using the Ether on Echoed Voice here, saving picking up a PP item for Latias later. Since you only use 3 X items in this strategy, it also saves time vs the X Spc strat which uses 5, given that X items take such a long time to use in this game (about 2 seconds more per use). Given all this I still believe it's worth doing X Special strats if you have the Spatk AND you used the ether as you are guarunteed to win and it's only around 15-18 seconds slower, this would depend on the run however and how yolo I want to play it.

4. Picking up the Rare Candy on Route 123 (south of Mt Pyre) if you have a bad Latias. This costs 22.5 Seconds in movement and 3 Seconds to use but gives you 34 for 1st Golbat on Mt Pyre, 34 for Matt's Sharpedo, 35 for the Shipyard Grunt's Golbat and Rival 4's Sceptile, 36 for the level 37 Golbat in the hideout, and 37 for Matt's level 39 Sharpedo. Allof these except the 38 Sharpedo, which never dies, are unfavourable damages on any non boosted Spatk IV, but some of them are made considerably likely with an extra level, Depending on your speed IV and Special Attack IV the decision to get the candy can be a tough one, but it is always worth it on 20-27 Speed IV as this allows you to outspeed Matt's Sharpedo, since he 2 Shots you with Ice fang, outspeeding here saves around 20 Seconds, making the candy 100% worth it.

5. Using Mega Latias as a backup strat if you do get outsped by Matt's Sharpedo, this costs about 13 seconds even if you get the OHKO but the range should be favourable, and it is better than my old suicide Marshtomp strats as it's nice to have Marshtomp alive for Tate and Liza

6. Optimised Kyogre strats using calcs to determine when to use X Items etc, and the final death strat on rival.

These route changes are mostly based on the calculations I did myself, they are all listed in this document: ... sp=sharing

Be aware that I made this just for my own use so it may not be 100% clear what everything means.

Here are the IV charts I made also: ... sp=sharing

And thanks to Garfield to helping out with trainer Pokémon stats and natures, he did his work in Omega Ruby so I had to look around a bit for some of the changed things, what I have right now is in this sheet, which also includes my money and shopping notes: ... sp=sharing

Re: Alpha Sapphire Rerouting

Posted: Fri Apr 17, 2015 12:05 pm
by Sinstar
Slight revision to my timing for the Route 123 Candy, now I practised the movement it turns out it only takes 20 seconds to get, that'd make it slightly more worthwhile to get it in all situations.

Re: Alpha Sapphire Rerouting

Posted: Sat Apr 18, 2015 12:19 pm
by astralslide
Awesome route, thanks for all the work put into it!

I really like the early game tweaks to make it more consistent. One thing to maybe consider is that after beating Roxanne most of the time you will be in Torrent, making 1 shotting everything Jose has with Watergun possible. So go to 116, pick up Repel, fight Jose and use 3x Watergun, heal, teach and repel at Tunnel entrance, and then fight Pooch. Being overleveled against Pooch also means the second Rock Tomb can possibly be skipped if you deal enough damage with 2x Watergun, since you only really need one speed drop, also increases your chances of hitting if you get Sand Attacked. Repel will last you for the return trip and will wear out right when you enter Rustboro. I don't know if Watergun on the Wurmple is a range with low Spatk, but so far it has worked every time I've used that strat.

What is the 3rd Repel at Rustboro for?

Again, I'm really excited for this route. It looks polished and innovatine in many respects, especially the X Attack strats for RIval 2. Looking forward to putting most of it to test in the future.

Re: Alpha Sapphire Rerouting

Posted: Sat Apr 18, 2015 2:09 pm
by Sinstar
My strat I was considering for Jose was either torrent water gun if I have the spatk to guaruntee the ranges (haven't checked yet), or If I would have to wait to pass him open the menu and teach rock tomb,otherwise just pass him. The 3rd repel is for using just before Rival 2, it just lasts from the start of the end of the route and saves $150 which is really significant if you're skipping the PP UP.

Re: Alpha Sapphire Rerouting

Posted: Thu Sep 24, 2015 11:11 pm
by Sinstar
Found a nice improvement today, if you X attack on the double battle in meteor falls the fight is much more consistent, since if grimer dies simultaneously with slugma (rather than after) Rival seems to 100% bring out grovyle, plus mightyena is almost always a 2 shot with Grovyle's help, then you can hyper as grovyle always leaf blades carvanha.

Another use of an X attack is on the Cooltrainer outside Fiery Path, if you use it on makuhita he fakes out roughly 95% of the time, and then you can 1 shot him, saving a turn plus the flinch text.

This means I had to go back to getting and selling the PP up to make the money for this, but the extra money allows you to do faster repel management among other things, amounting to not a huge loss as it might have been before. I have updated the notes to reflect these changes.

Re: Alpha Sapphire Rerouting

Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2016 5:32 pm
by XacerB8
At the Archie 1 fight, I'm pretty sure you can save an X Atk as Mightyena always Swaggers Turn 1.

Re: Alpha Sapphire Rerouting

Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2016 5:49 am
by astralslide
It doesn't, there have been multiple times where I lost like a minute by getting hit by Assurance nonstop and never using Swagger.

Re: Alpha Sapphire Rerouting

Posted: Thu Jan 28, 2016 12:16 pm
by Enderwolfram
Hey I wanted to start running AS and I wanted to ask what is the best way to practice the route?

Re: Alpha Sapphire Rerouting

Posted: Sat Feb 06, 2016 7:21 am
by astralslide
The route is pretty simple by Pokemon speedrunning standards, so I'd say just go ahead and follow the route, shouldn't take too long. Save frequently and annotate small details that you have noticed and aren't in the written route that you wan't to keep in mind for later.