Elite 4 Round 2 for ORAS

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Elite 4 Round 2 for ORAS

Post by jtmagicman » Tue Feb 24, 2015 5:01 am

So as a fun run I did elite 4 round 2 for Alpha Sapphire

As most of you know this includes the delta episode then flying back to elite 4 to defeat them once again. Obviously the 2nd time around they have higher level pokemon and megas but u have a rayquaza that deals with most of the e4/champ.

There was talk when the game 1st released to make a 2nd category that included the delta episode.
After playing it though myslef I personally dont think we need one,all it is basically is flying from one place to another fighting a few trainers and sitting though a bunch of cutscenes.

Dont get me wrong I like how the delta episode was included in the game I just dont see it being worthy of a separate category.

Again this is just my input from doing it myself as the most common question I get doing normal runs - "is the delta episode included"


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