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Banners for Wiki

Post by Cooltrainermichael » Sun May 04, 2014 3:06 am

We are looking to add 2-3 banners to the main page of the PSR Wiki in order to link to the Portal and the Forums (possibly also to the Twitch team). I feel this is a good opportunity to see the creative talent we have in this community, and I would like to ask for submissions for possible banners that can be used. We can also make a poll once there are enough submissions.

For an example of where the banners would be placed, please check here: ... inPageTest

1. If you are submitting a banner with text, you can choose what text to use as long as Portal/Home or Forums is in it.
2. Template submissions without text are accepted.
3. The sample banner's dimensions in the link above is 320x107. This is not a strict guideline, and a thinner banner width-wise than the sample may be preferred. Otherwise, there are no strict dimension requirements as long as the banner fits on the same line.
4. Don't be lewd. Keep it Pokemon-themed KevinTurtle
5. Have fun! This is just a neat way to showcase some of the amazing designers we have in the community as well as a great opportunity for anyone to contribute to PSR! Hopefully we will have more community projects in the future.


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