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New Speedrunner - Where to start (what Gen)

Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2015 10:51 am
by ph1l

I'm fairly new to Speedrunning and got a Question. I didn't know, if this post here is at the correct position. I didn't want to put it in one of the Sub-Gen-Forums, because it's a question to all Generations.
So, I'm new to Pokémon Speedrunning and I've played almost every Pokémon here in there in my time. Especially, as I got my hand on a Nintendo DSi XL and a New 3DS.
My question is simple:

If I want to Speedrun Glitchless, what Generation/Game would you advice me to start with? At the moment I've started with Pokémon Red, but I think it's partly really hard to get a good Time at the beginning, because of the minor glitches you have to get used to and stuff like that.
So, whats your opinion? With which Pokémon Game should I start learning?

Greetings, ph1l
And sorry for my bad english

Re: New Speedrunner - Where to start (what Gen)

Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2015 7:53 pm
Play your favourite game. Whichever game you love most is likely the one you know best. Speedrunning's for fun and if you love the game you run then you'll have more fun.

Re: New Speedrunner - Where to start (what Gen)

Posted: Wed Nov 11, 2015 6:20 am
by Decon082
I recommend starting with the game you know the most about, or the game you enjoy the most. It can be any game, but you probably want to pick something you're more comfortable with, seeing as you will be bad when starting out (everyone is, don't worry), and you probably won't have much motivation to continue improving unless you actually like the game you're running.

Learning one game also really helps your ability to learn other games as well. I know I adjusted pretty quickly to running Yellow and Red after starting off with Crystal, even though they're very different runs. So if it turns out you don't like one game very much as a speedrun, you can still apply what you learned while running it to other games. Or you can master your first game and move on to more and more games, taking general strategies you learned in one game with you to the next.