Estimated Time for a Complete Noob to Finish a Run?

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Estimated Time for a Complete Noob to Finish a Run?

Post by Lily » Wed Jan 21, 2015 8:58 am

Hi! Since there's no introductions section that I can see, my name's Lily, and I have never done a speedrun of any Pokemon game (or any game, for that matter). I'm familiar with many of the concepts used in Pokemon speedruns, because I have some experience in competitive battling from Gen 4/5, but that's about it.

Now onto my main question, I've been thinking about learning how to speedrun a Pokemon game, but I want to know how much time I should set aside for my first run. I was mainly thinking about doing Pearl, since Gen4 was my favorite, but seeing that the WR took almost 4 hours, I feel that it will most likely take me much longer. How much time should I set aside for a run of Pearl? And what about each of the other games?

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Re: Estimated Time for a Complete Noob to Finish a Run?

Post by GarfieldTheLightning » Wed Jan 21, 2015 1:27 pm

There's an introductions thread here if you're interested.

For a glitchless run of Pearl, you're probably looking at 5 hours or so for a "just following notes not really sure what I'm doing" run. You also have to get the RNG manipulation correct, which can be a bit finicky, so you should allow 6 hours or so if you want to be relatively safe on time.

Good luck!
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