Having extreme difficulty retrieving DS parameters; please help

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Having extreme difficulty retrieving DS parameters; please help

Post by dStutt » Tue Jan 23, 2018 10:25 am

Hello all.

I've finally decided to try my hand at speedrunning, and I am quite interested in Gen 5. However, I am having great difficulty retrieving my DS parameters and any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • I am using RNG Reporter 9.96.6 BETA and have entered all the correct data; i.e., I am running Pokemon White on a DS Lite with the correct MAC address, time and date (linked to time.is) inputted.
  • My game is saved in Lostlorn Forest, where I do not move and use sweet scent to instantly attract and catch a Pokemon.
  • I then use rare candies to level the Pokemon to level 51, calculate the IVs and enter the IVs, nature and characteristic into RNG Reporter.
The problem is that the program cannot find a single seed to match my data, and I have tried over 10 times. I've tried a few different years also to no avail, and I don't know what else to attempt.

Many thanks in advance.


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