Question about Brock through walls

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Question about Brock through walls

Post by Box » Sun Aug 21, 2016 11:10 pm

I'm not a speedrunner (yet) but I thought this would be a good place to ask about the details of the Brock through walls glitch.

Here's my situation. I have the Virtual Console version of Pokemon Red. I'm just playing casually but I can also be kind of particular. I've always regarded the fact that the Good Rod comes so late in the game as a mistake. There game takes a very long time to make common water Pokemon available. By the time you get the Good Rod, you might already have the Super Rod and are close to getting Surf. After getting Surf there are so many good water Pokemon available that there's little reason to go back to fish for Goldeen or Poliwag with their lower stats.

So I want to play Red and have access to the Good Rod sooner. So my idea is that I Brock through walls to Fuchsia city, pick up the Good Rod then white out back to Pewter and play the rest of the game normally. The problem is that I've never really tried Brock through walls so I don't know what it does to the game. I don't know if you can make it to Fuchsia this way or if the game will still work relatively normally after performing this trick. I also don't know what happens to your save if you mess up the glitch.

You see I'm not very far into the game but I have this top percentage Weedle that I recently caught. So if possible, I'd like to avoid having to reset my save because I screwed up. Otherwise, I'm fine with experimenting to figure out how doable this is.

I hope I'm not pissing people off by asking this here. I heard about Brock through walls through speedrunning so I figured speedrunners would be the people who know the most details about the glitch. Thanks.

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Re: Question about Brock through walls

Post by vrsce » Sat Aug 27, 2016 2:20 am

so brock through walls shouldnt affect your save at all, the glitch doesnt access any sensitive memory files if performed correctly. the only reason your save would be corrupted is if you reset mid save when Interrupting the youngster which is not necessary to perform the glitch.

you can certainly access fuschia with brock through walls, my recommended route would be by going back through pallet town, down to cinnabar and past seafoam to get there. walk the border but dont cross it because that will usually crash the game. be sure to avoid any doors or trainer battles because these will disable the walk through walls effect.

once you get the good rod, youre plan to white out should work so long as youve healed at the pewter center, but make sure you still brock skip because its the most swag way to proceed anyways and you can always wtw the elite four guard anyways :D :D


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