Red/Blue Full Inventory%

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Red/Blue Full Inventory%

Post by Slenderman44 » Sun Jul 10, 2016 12:03 am

Hello, everyone! I'm sort of new to these forums, and I was wondering: What would be the fastest way to fill up your inventory in Red/Blue? I know, stupid question, right? But it kept nagging at me, and I eventually decided to route out a joke speedrun where you try to get 20 items in your bag as soon as possible. Item Underflow, as well as buying items in general, is banned for obvious reasons. There's probably many improvements to be made, but it's a nice little category nonetheless.

Here's the doc with the route: ... sp=sharing

It is comparable to RB Any% NSC, but differs a lot. Brock Through Walls is performed 3 times.

Safe strats are like NSC safe strats, using PP instead of Special on Bulbasaur.
Pidgey strats do require you to first-ball the Pidgey, so they're even more reset-heavy.

So yeah, let me know what you guys think. Feel free to make some improvements on this haphazardly slapped-together route.

I'll work on figuring out the fastest path from Brock Through Walls to Safari.


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