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Welcome to Pokémon Speedrunning!

Post by Luckless » Fri Apr 11, 2014 11:24 pm

This is a post for people who are new to the community or want to become part of it!

- For a tutorial on How to Get Started With Speedrunning, click here
- For info and recommendations about Emulators for Pokémon runs, click here
- For general tips regarding Movement during Pokémon runs, click here
- For general Tips and Tricks for Gen 1 speedruns specifically, click here. (Some of these can also be applied to other generations)
- If you want to find Notes for a category you want to learn they are more often than not linked on the Wiki under the relevant game/category.
- For help with Routing the games yourself, click here
- For a list of all the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) about each category, click here
- If you have any questions about a specific game/category you can ask them in the Q&A Threads provided in the forum for that game. (Main Games / Side Games)
- If you have any questions about Pokémon Speedruns in general there is also a General Pokémon Runs Q&A Thread here

anything else I should've put here to help get people started? let me know in this thread!
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