Proposal for Gen 1 Category Updates

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Proposal for Gen 1 Category Updates

Post by Dabomstew » Sun Oct 15, 2017 5:04 am

Recently, Keizaron reached out to the Japanese community about creating equal rulesets/categories for Red/Blue and Yellow, as seen here: . The TL;DR of the pastebin is we want to create a new category for the English leaderboards and a new category for the Japanese leaderboards. The Japanese community has agreed to a new category with a ruleset that allows Poke Doll and Hard Resets; they've also said that Instant Text would be fine for Red/Blue. In an effort to reach the original goal of this (ruleset synergy), we are re-opening Instant Text discussions. If the majority of the community agrees to allow IT back, then the new Japanese category will also allow it. If there is no majority consensus on allowing IT back, the new Japanese category will NOT allow it.

While neither round of Instant Text discussions was necessarily rushed, both of them had wonky timing to say the least. There were some people within the community that expressed disappointment in the final decision, whether it was a length of time issue or how Instant Text runs were categorized and eventually faded into obscurity. Because of this, we want to make this a lengthier process to ensure as much community satisfaction with the final decision as possible. In Keiz's pastebin, you can see him outline a potential road map to this:

1. Community Discussion - Do we want to look into this? How would you handle a decision like this?

Discussion is very important here. Does the idea of two separate categories, one that abides by an updated ENG Glitchless ruleset and one that abides by the JPN Glitchless ruleset, sound appealing? Does it sound fair? To reiterate, the following is being proposed:

ENG Glitchless (with or without Instant Text; to be determined)
ENG Glitchless - Japanese ruleset
JPN Glitchless - ENG Glitchless rulset (with or without Instant Text again)
JPN Glitchless - Japanese ruleset

We would also like to gather ideas for category names. While "No Major Glitches" was coined in the past to be an umbrella term for potential future discoveries, we feel as though that name probably won't convey the right message if it's used again. Indeed, we are not indicating in any way that Hard Resets, Instant Text, or Poke Doll are glitches, and neither is the Japanese community. The naming convention may very well be the most difficult part of the process.

2. Community Testing - Have people try out both categories; does it change gameplay enough to warrant a category split with different rules?

This is where the largest chunk of time and resources will be spent. While Step 1 will always be ongoing, Step 2 is very important. We want real feedback from real players, not hypotheticals or theorycrafting. If the creation of a category is met with little to no usage, it isn't an encouraging step forward. We want to see activity to justify a big decision like this.

3. Community Feedback - What were the thoughts on running two different categories? What could be changed in terms of rules if we proceeded with a split? What do we name these categories?

This is self-explanatory, and actually just an extension of Step 1 after completing Step 2.

4. Community Decision - Everybody chimes in with their final thoughts and votes. If there isn't a CLEAR majority vote, we do not proceed immediately and continue discussions. If there is a CLEAR majority vote, we proceed to modify the current category and add the new category on our end, as well as add the new Japanese category.

While the last discussion had a majority decision, it wasn't a large one. Furthermore, despite having a majority decision, there was still some dissatisfaction expressed even by those who voted to ban Instant Text. Some felt the wording doomed Instant Text from the start, others felt creating a new category and moving it to Miscellaneous as opposed to Main was a death sentence. We want to be clear that absolutely none of that was our intent, so we would like to apologize if you felt that way. We are going to work very hard to make sure this is the last time we discuss this by making the absolute best decision for the community.

The discussion of this process will be underway on our Discord server from the time of this post onwards.


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