Compulsory Emulator Update for Gen1/2 runs

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Compulsory Emulator Update for Gen1/2 runs

Post by Dabomstew » Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:19 pm

Gambatte-Speedrun, the community's official emulator for Game Boy and Game Boy Color games, has received a major new update. The two main improvements are the addition of a reset fade to imitate Game Boy Player/Game Boy Interface fadeout, and some advancements in the quality of RNG emulation that should make certain manipulations for Yellow and Gen 2 much more accurate to console.

Given the fairly significant improvements to fairness and accuracy in this release, we will be requiring everyone to begin using it for runs as soon as possible and moving towards obsoleting older versions. There will be a 30 day grace period as of this posting (ending at November 10th, 2017) to switch over, with any new submissions on versions before r614 past that point being rejected. Any intentional use of an older version to bypass the fade is heavily frowned upon. You are also not allowed to use multiple instances of the emulator or reloading the ROM mid-run to bypass the fade in general.

Get the new release here:


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