All Pokemon Leaderboards Are Now Switched to RTA

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All Pokemon Leaderboards Are Now Switched to RTA

Post by Keizaron » Mon Aug 29, 2016 5:24 am

As you can see on our SRC leaderboards, we have fully completed the switch from using the in-game timer to using real time! With this now being completed, we'd like to reiterate some rules and also give all runners a heads up on some things:

- Runs can still be submitted under the old rules until the end of August 31st. Old rules include timing by IGT and emulator borders not being visible. Once September 1st rolls around, RTA submissions and emulator borders will be strictly enforced and will lead to an instant rejection of your run, along with a reason why so you may fix it in future submissions. You can read up the general rule changes here.

- If you noticed an old run of yours is missing, it's because we have rejected all old runs that used IGT/old rules and have kept/updated your most recent PBs. You are more than welcome to resubmit these old runs under the new timing rules, so long as these runs fall within the rules of the category. The mercy rule stated above does not apply to old runs, so make sure you re-time it properly!

- If your current PB is no longer on the leaderboards, we were either unable to find a valid video of your run, did not have enough video content to properly judge the run during re-timing, or a banned emulator was being used. If your run falls under the first two and you have a video you can submit in its stead, be sure to submit it. If you are unsure if the emulator you used is allowed or not, be sure to read up the rules on the game's leaderboard. This also applies to any past runs as well.

Happy running, everyone!


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