PSR Marathon 2016 - Game Submissions Open

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PSR Marathon 2016 - Game Submissions Open

Post by Dabomstew » Fri Apr 22, 2016 6:21 pm

Now that committee applications have been closed for a while and the committee has been formed, it's time for game submissions to begin. Submissions have been closed as of the end of May 15th.

Some quick points on how submissions worked (pretty similar to last year):
  • You can submit your choice of anywhere between 1 and 5 categories from any Pokemon speedgame. All 5 categories can be from separate games, or all from the same game, but you only get 5 total. Filling out the form multiple times to put in more than 5 submissions is not allowed. (Clarification: You CAN make another form entry to fill in your empty slots if you entered fewer than 5 runs total on your previous submission(s), but the limit across all submissions is still 5.)
  • As indicated on the form, do not include setup time in your estimates. Estimates should give a rough idea of how long you think a marathon-strats run is going to take in a bad case, since "worst case" for Pokemon runs could be a very very long time. (Don't worry, we will include setup time in the schedule this year!)
  • If you think your category could be a potential race, you can indicate as such in the free entry text for "Why should this run be accepted?". The amount of races will probably be minimal due to Pokemon speedrun races just not being very good marathon runs in the committee's opinion, but merely suggesting the idea won't hurt your solo run pitch on its own.
  • A list of submissions can be found here. As of now, this list is finished and up to date with all public submissions.
Thanks for all your submissions, submissions have now closed.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the submission process feel free to post a reply in the discussion thread over here, or start a discussion in #marathons in the PSR Discord.


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