Small Leaderboard/"World Record" rule change

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Small Leaderboard/"World Record" rule change

Post by Dabomstew » Sat Mar 12, 2016 12:32 am

Since the console/emulator leaderboard rule change, record times have also been required to be presented in a single video from start to finish. Today we are announcing a very small exception to this rule:
There is one exception to the above: Any run video which is in exactly two parts due to Twitch activating quality options on the (non-partnered) channel will be allowed. The first part must not have quality options and the second part must have them. The parts must also overlap in terms of video content, which they do as of right now (March 2016) for Twitch quality options transitions. We would still vastly prefer that you locally record your runs and upload the local recordings, but we also realize that quality options transitions are in no way the runners fault nor controllable.
Please note that this rule cannot be used to excuse any run with actual video missing (the two Twitch parts must still show the entire run from start to finish) nor any stream drop that is unrelated to quality options being activated on the channel. As such, you are still heavily encouraged to locally record any serious attempts you do in case of internet trouble.


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