PSR Marathon 2015 - Marathon Schedule

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PSR Marathon 2015 - Marathon Schedule

Post by Dabomstew » Mon Jul 20, 2015 10:53 am

Update August 9: You can view the live schedule at !

This schedule will be updated live as the marathon goes on to reflect any significant changes to scheduling. We look forward to seeing everyone at from 7:30pm UTC on Thursday!

Original announcement below here:
Sorry for the long wait, everyone, but the draft schedule for our marathon in August is finally out! It will start in the afternoon/evening of the 13th of August and end in the evening of the 16th (in US timezones, anyway).

You can find the schedule here - [removed, use live schedule] . Times on the schedule are in UTC, which is 1 hour behind the time in England right now and 4 hours ahead of the Eastern US. The final schedule will be published on a site like Horaro with automatic timezone adjustments, so no need to worry about converting everything now.

What comes next? Well, we will be looking out for people to take hosting shifts soon. This is a role where you remote access the streaming machine and setup the stream for each new run as well as sitting in our Mumble/Teamspeak to announce the runs and their runners as they come. All you need for this is to have a reliable internet connection with passable download (upload doesn't really matter), be confident at speaking on stream (should be most of you), and know your way around OBS or XSplit (again, shouldn't exclude many people on here). More details on that in the very near future.

We will also be contacting runners again soon regarding stuff like audio setup, so keep an eye on your designated contact method if you have had a run accepted.

(Note: If you've been following the marathon planning up to this point, you may notice that this schedule doesn't really include any setup time despite the committee having said not to include that in your estimates. That's a mistake that is fully on us, but we only realized as such after having already confirmed all the times with the runners. Because a lot of the estimates are fairly inflated for worst-case Pokemon RNG and our setup should be fairly conducive to starting runs quickly after the previous run finishes, we've decided to just run with it and hope it works out. If it doesn't and the marathon is running late enough to make it so that runners won't be available for their run any more, then there are a couple of runs by committee members that we can move or cut altogether to get things back on track. If, on the other hand, things go really well and we are ahead of schedule, there is a short run or two we'd like to try to include during the dead time at the end of any of the more inflated estimates.)


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