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New Leaderboard Announcement

Post by Cooltrainermichael » Sat Dec 06, 2014 6:11 am

With the relatively new Speedrunslive announcement you can find here and recent discussion with the community on the forums, Skype, etc., the leaderboards will now be moved to . However, the community has agreed that the current PSR Wiki and Forums should continue to be used for their current purposes of storing resources and facilitating discussion, so only the leaderboards will be moved.

This change comes with certain advantages:
  • A centralized leaderboard - As more and more communities are moving to, this will help the community get more recognition.
  • User profiles - Each user will have a customizable profile that shows all their times on one succinct page.
  • Run verification - All submissions will be reviewed by a moderator that has experience with each game. This is mainly for “soft-checking” rather than full proof analysis.
  • Aesthetic layout - A variety of filters to help target your specific needs.
  • For more, please check out this link.
There will also inevitably be some disadvantages:
  • Time - Since we are trying this run verification format out, it will take a bit more time for your run to show than it would for a Wiki edit. However, this will hopefully make the leaderboards less susceptible to potential trolling. Once everything has settled down and game-specific moderators are in place, there should be fast response times on every new run added and multiple points of contact available in case your run is taking an unexpectedly long time to be verified.
  • Still new - There are still updates being made after the big SRL announcement, so we ask for your patience as we try to accommodate for all your needs (Pac, the owner, is also very open to suggestions which is awesome). One thing that you might notice is that right now all the posted times include seconds (set to 00) despite most of our in-game timers only including hours and minutes. This will be fixed in a later update.
More importantly, what this means for you is the following:
  • You will not need to move any of the times you have already submitted; Pac, has already made a script to transfer all your times.
  • For all future runs, please submit your run directly to It is relatively simple to navigate through the game list, but please let us know if you have any difficulties. Also, make sure to make an account on so that all your runs are linked to you.
  • Finally, we are looking for game-specific mods at this time. If you are interested, please check the forum discussion here. As a warning, please only apply if you are going to put in the time to constantly check in on the leaderboards to verify runs, update the page when necessary, etc. This is not to just get recognition or a title.
  • If you have any other concerns or suggestions related to this move that aren’t about becoming a moderator, post over in this thread.
Thank you for reading this long post, and hopefully this announcement brings you good news!


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