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New Leaderboards & Site Changes

Post by Dabomstew » Fri Sep 05, 2014 6:09 am

So there hasn’t been a lot of visible action from the admins lately, but we’ve been discussing issues and working to improve the site in the meantime. This post will give some insight as to what’s coming up regarding site improvements, as well as addressing the recent console/emulator legitimacy issue.


Whilst there have been good arguments on both sides, it seems like the overall community direction in the console/emu debate (as accepted by our staff here) is that for a run to be considered "world record" it should be played on an official platform. With this said, the rules for a run to appear on the "records" page will be changed to read as follows:

For a run to count as a record it must:
  • Follow all the rules of the category it is being submitted under (obviously)
  • Be played on an official [Nintendo] console which is allowed for the category in question (this only bans SGB1 for its higher framerate than other GB/GBC platforms)
  • Be presented in a single video from start to finish. This is a restriction put in place to help reduce doubt over runs in multiple video segments having 'splice' points. Yes, we realise that internet connections are not 100% reliable and your stream will picnic from time to time, but you can easily set up local recording that does not cut out when your stream cuts to overcome this.
New leaderboard system

The current leaderboards on the wiki are fairly easy to use and they get the job done, but we think we can do better. In a couple of weeks, a new leaderboard system will be launching on the PokemonSpeedruns site which will be similar to existing systems found on other speedrun community websites, but tailored to this community's specific needs and integrated with the rest of the site. Some new features for this site will include:
  • Forums account integration (no separate signup required)
  • Tracking all submitted times from each user, not just their latest PBs
  • Filters to see only console runs, or console+emulator as appropriate
  • The long-promised tracking of less serious (Challenge%) categories, in a more informal setting than the other 'official' leaderboards
  • Checking of new runs added to weed out obvious trolls and the like (this won't constitute full verification, at least not to begin with, but it should suffice to stop the people who don't even try)
  • Automatically generated records page based on the best console runs submitted to the site (so there's less subjectivity in who updates the "WRs" page)


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