Forum Layout Changes #1

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Forum Layout Changes #1

Post by Cooltrainermichael » Mon May 12, 2014 3:26 am

As you may have noticed, we have added some layout changes to the site, and we will clarify these changes here:

1. Pokemon Speedruns category renamed to Community.
2. PSR Home added under Community category.
3. General Pokemon Speedrunning has been combined with the General Pokemon forum under the Social category.
4. Events forum added under Community category. Races and Marathon threads have been moved to the Events forum. Thus, the Events category has been been removed.
5. Randomizers subforum renamed to Randomizers and Rom Hacks and moved under the General Pokemon forum.
6. Contributions category created. Feedback and Suggestions forum moved to Contributions category.
7. Two forums, Projects and Policy, have been added under the Contributions category.
8. Several other threads have been shifted around under the Contributions category, such as the Japanese thread and Challenge%, so be sure to check the new home for these threads.

In addition to these changes, the Admin team are looking into a more effective layout for the Main Series and Spinoffs categories. We will post a new thread providing some options, but we will need your help to decide what is the most effective layout. Stay tuned for this in the next couple weeks.

We appreciate any feedback on these layout changes. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, but hopefully these changes will be for the best in the future.


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