A Slew of Changes

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A Slew of Changes

Post by Keizaron » Fri Dec 08, 2017 9:51 pm

Here's a quick update on some changes and discussions we've had the past couple months:
  • The rules surrounding Gambatte-Speedrun are official and out of their grace period; this has been the case for a little bit now, but worth mentioning.
  • Ruby/Sapphire JPN will be split to Any% and Any% Glitchless due to the discovery of a faster glitched route (exclusive to Japanese copies of the game, as far as we're currently aware).
  • Ruby/Sapphire ENG will be renamed Any% Glitchless to match the above changes. There is currently no Any% category for Ruby/Sapphire ENG.
  • Sun/Moon and Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon have updated timing rules for ENG runs. Please refer to their rules listed on speedrun.com
  • The new category for Red/Blue/Yellow that follows the original Japanese ruling has been voted to be named Any% Glitchless (Classic).
  • The ruling for Instant Text has been changed to "allow" due to the vote, on a trial period of two months. A temporary leaderboard will be opened up to track run progress while the new ruling is tested out and will be merged with the original Any% Glitchless leaderboards if it passes the trial period (poll results leaned towards allowing, so we can't imagine it won't pass, but want to do our due diligence)
  • Red/Blue/Yellow glitched categories that weren't listed as Miscellaneous will temporarily be listed as Miscellaneous during this testing period to reduce tab clutter on the leaderboards.


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