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Forum Rules

Post by Cooltrainermichael » Sat May 03, 2014 4:31 am

General forum rules
1. Be respectful to all members of the community.
2. Do not post any inappropriate content (NSFW, bad links, etc.)
3. Do not spam posts.
4. Do not make multiple accounts or impersonate others in the community.
5. Avoid excessive swearing or vulgar language.
6. Avoid excessive self-advertisement.
7. Infringing rules will lead to several warnings until a ban.
8. Contributing to forums/wiki is highly encouraged.
9. Rules are subject to change as need arises.
10. Just use common sense and have fun! :)

Specific Guidelines
User Profiles
1. Use reasonable signatures (not 20 lines long or visually unappealing)
2. Do not use inappropriate images or misleading links on profiles.

1. Keep trolling to a minimum (try to keep most troll posts in Social section)
2. Avoid double posting when possible; make use of the Edit command

Thread Creation
1. Create threads that have adequate discussion material, otherwise use the Simple Question, Simple Answer thread.

If you feel there are any rules that should be added, please send a message to an Admin.


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