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TID/SID RNG Manipulation (HGSS)

Posted: Sun Nov 29, 2015 9:53 pm
by JeromeMC
Hello there guys!

I have a big problem about RNG manipulating TID/SID on HGSS!

I want to hit these:

TID: 01562 - SID 01742

seconds: 0


2015/10/17 - 10:33/59

Delay 5978

Setups on Eon-Timer:

-4- Tab
Cali. Delay 790
Cali Sec 14
Target Delay 5978
Target Sec 59

Step 1:
Hit Eon-Timer at the same time as I hit my DS Clock to 10:33 and date 10/17/2015 and proceed to the game, wait 60,14 seconds (thats what the Eon Timer wants? Why not the 59 seconds?)

Step 2:
After the first Timer hits 0.00 sec I softreset at the same time, proceeding to Oak, without pressing any other buttons than "No Infos needed".

Step 3:
I name my character in the same rythm. Not switching between control pad and touch. Didnt even know that this can mess things up.

Step 4:
At "See you later" I wait till the second timer reaches 0.00 seconds and hit A at the same time.

Step 5:
I go downstairs and look at my TID. (Do I have to hurry down to the mother? Or is the TID already generated?)

Step 6:
Put my received TID in the Pandora Box and look what delay I hit.

Step 7:
At Eon-Timer I enter the hitted Delay (i.e. 6232 delay). That means I have to switch to lower cases and back to Caps after I entered my name the exact way again to get an odd delay?

Eon Timer btw "improves" my calibrated time.
Thats where it gets messy most of the time:
I often get more than 1 seed-results in RNG Reporter, so idk which seed Ive hit. Also my hitted delay suddenly are getting huge differences by almost 2000 delays. (goal: 5993 and hitting 3765)

Step 8:
Repeat depressivly until I hit my delay and get my ID?
So there are my questions:

I could really need some help and advices to hit my frames.

Thank you very much!

Btw my english isnt the best. Please bear with me.~