Raikou RNG Manipulation

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Raikou RNG Manipulation

Post by MKDasher » Fri May 22, 2015 5:30 pm

(WIP Explanation. I just though it was better to start writting this than keeping it blank until I finish explaining everything I know).

Well I think it's time to explain how this RNG manipulation works. This is probably up to date the hardest RNG manipulation to do for generation 4 games.

The things required for the seed are clear:

- A seed that gives you a Master Ball from lottery. This is the only way to catch Raikou consistently since it's not possible to manipulate battle RNG.
- A runnable starter (Cyndaquil) to go fast enough through the first 3 gyms.
- A raikou with the IVs / Hidden Power we want to manipulate. For any% glitchless, Hidden Power Ground works best. For any% I'm still not sure what would be the fastest raikou to run with.

The first two requirements are simple, as we have been manipulating for those for a while now. It's the third one the new thing we want to manipulate.

It's impossible to keep perfect movement until Ecruteak city, so traditional RNG manipulation strats do not work. Instead, what we want to do is find something that tell us what our current RNG state is, and then manipulate Raikou from there. The only way that I could think about was encountering a Pokemon in Burned Tower, and then predict your RNG based on its species and stats.

On an average run with non extra encounters until Violet City, the RNG frame we are when we get on Burned Tower is around 3300-3400. An encounter advances the RNG by 20-150 approximately (rarely it's over 200), so the idea is that the seed has a good Raikou on frame 3500-3800. Then you get your encounter in Burned Tower and check its stats. This is generally enough information since usually it takes about 500k frames to be able to encounter a Pokemon with the exact same stats.

By knowing the stats and species of your Pokemon, you can easily determine your IVs, and by doing that, you can determine the RNG frame you're currently at. What is left is advancing the RNG enough to hit exactly the good Raikou frame when you wake up the legendary dogs. There are 3 known things that can change your RNG while being inside Burned Tower:

- Doing steps: this obviously advances the RNG since Burned Tower is an area that has wild Pokemon. It's not neccesary to actually take a step, moving on the same tile also works, since this is another way to get encounters too. This is what we're going to use to manipulate Raikou.

- Step counter: each 128 steps you take on the game, the RNG advances 1 for each Pokemon you have on your party. We basically want to avoid this counter make the RNG advance, so the movement chosen to manipulate Raikou will be moving on the same tile, as this doesn't increase the step counter.

- Ethan call: advances the RNG by 1 frame. If ethan call happens during the manipulation, you're basically fucked up, as you can't keep track of the RNG anymore. Basically you have a 50% chance to manipulate Raikou from now on. This event is rare to happen, but I got it once in a run already.

I believe things like day to afternoon change or something like that also makes the RNG advance. This is avoidable by just setting a good date before the run starts.

I made a tool that, based on your encounter you get, you insert the stats, and the tool automatically tells you how many steps you have to do before waking up the dogs. An example is here:
(I'll try to explain more about this tool in the future).

You can check that you've got the correct Raikou by checking it's position (and Entei's). The certain Raikou we're trying to manipulate is already linked to a start location. However, it's possible to RNG manipulate its location from here. I'll try to complete this part later too, I haven't unfortunately got this last manipulation correctly on a run (I've always fucked it up somewhere), but I have done it on practice so I know it's possible.

Some interesting fact: Raikou has equal chances to move to any of the adjacent locations, and it has a 1/16 chance to jump to a random one. Also, Raikou can never jump to the location you just were in. For example if you're on Route 37, and you move to Ecruteak, then Raikou won't be able to appear on Route 37.

Again, I will try to complete this more when I have time.

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Re: Raikou RNG Manipulation

Post by SimplyCosmo » Sun May 24, 2015 12:23 am

Very very informative. Thank you MKDasher <3

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Re: Raikou RNG Manipulation

Post by pokeguy84 » Tue Aug 25, 2015 9:35 pm

Where can I get this tool from?


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