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Tweaking spots for any%

Posted: Sat Apr 11, 2015 5:47 pm
by MKDasher
Thought it would be nice to have a thread of tweaking spots for HGSS any%.
I'll list the current useful known spots:

Route 29 Running tweak

Just after the Battle Catching tutorial. Definitely shouldn't be done if you're not RNG manipulating for 0 encounters, and very risky if you're doing RNG manipulation because you can easily screw it up and lose a lot of time for just a small timesaver. Still, I think I should include this one here.

Route 33 Running tweak (Early Slowpoke Well entry)

Running tweak just before going to Azalea. Cutscene can't be skipped but after that it let's you enter slowpoke well directly.

Goldenrod Bike tweak + Running tweak (Early Goldenrod's gym entry)

Skips quiz on Radio Tower. Requires a load tweak and a running tweak.

Alternative method is doing 2 load tweaks.

This is a comparison of both methods, and without tweaking, all of them with TAS movement:

Route 35 Running tweak / Biking tweak (Skip all trainers before Sudowoodo)

Skips all the trainers on Route 35. Running setup is faster, as it unloads the bush as well.

New Bark Town Bike tweak + Route 28 Bike tweak (Tohjo Falls skip)

First tweak is a load tweak (void tweak is possible, but you wouldn't have any visual reference to do the second tweak).
You can do either tweak or void tweak for the second one, void tweak being a little bit faster.
Doing both tweaks successfully let's you skip Tohjo Falls.

Route 8 Bike tweak

Skips a trainer in Route 8. Only possible with void tweaking.

Route 11 Running tweak (Snorlax bypass)

Running tweak required. If failing at executing the tweak and snorlax is loaded, you have to enter the house on the right again and exit to try again.

Viridian City Bike tweak (Get inside Blue's Gym with 0 Kanto badges) (This video needs to be redone, I activated 2D Mode View AR Code by mistake, meanwhile I'll link to this video while I update it).

First method: entering on house, exiting. Then load tweak, save in front of the gym, reset and enter on the gym. This is the safest method, which has been used for speedrunning lately.

Second method: void tweak down, go down, void tweak up, place yourself on gym's door in the void, open and exit menu, and enter on the gym. This method is faster as you can see in the video, however that second tweak is hard to do, as there's no visual reference and walls are very close from the tweaking spot.

Re: Tweaking spots for any%

Posted: Sun Apr 12, 2015 1:04 am
by MKDasher
I was messing around with tweaking lately around goldenrod.

I'm not sure which method would be better for goldenrod gym. I'm just pretty sure tweaking should be used, since quiz is really slow. I guess using bike+running tweak or bike+bike tweak depends on how consistent you are at both of them, since they are really close.

As for battles before sudowoodo, running tweak should be used, since skipping cutting the bush makes it definitely faster.

Re: Tweaking spots for any%

Posted: Sat May 14, 2016 7:02 am
by XacerB8
Would it be possible to skip Sudowoodo? Just wondering.

Re: Tweaking spots for any%

Posted: Wed Aug 03, 2016 9:14 pm
by MKDasher
XacerB8 wrote:Would it be possible to skip Sudowoodo? Just wondering.
Unfortunatelly no. There's a way that almost works but no, it's not possible.