Chimchar routing - glitchless

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Chimchar routing - glitchless

Post by ShadowSneak » Tue Sep 06, 2016 4:02 am

This is just a (as of yet unfinished) route I threw together, in part from the existing any% route (the start is the same) and parts of the any% glitchless route, that uses Chimchar for the early- and mid-game power and then switches to Azelf to carry the lategame (aka the poor man's Palkia).

My notes are here: ... sp=sharing

I'm going to leave figuring out the RNG manipulation to others since I don't have the time and energy to do so (I also don't have recording equipment to make any runs).

Major advantages of Chimchar+Azelf over Piplup include:
-less X-Items
-setting up faster (one NP is faster than two X Specials)
-faster early-game
-Extrasensory has 30 PP (less restoring items needed)

Disadvantages include:
-volatility (neither Infernape nor Azelf is particularly bulky and neither has a good defensive typing, plus there's a lot of damage ranges in my current route)
-Route 215 (particularly that Drifblim)
-The late-game with Azelf is still not as fast as Empoleon's, because you're switching TS and Specs and setting up NPs in battles where Empoleon just spams Surf.
-Azelf gets less levels than Empoleon
-going out of your way to get TM30, TM38 (though it should only be ~1 minute total)

Things I've thought about:
-Chimchar+Tentacruel route (to abuse Specs Surf ASAP), someone else can probably come up with a working route for this
-Getting another Fire Blast for Infernape from the department store
-Forgoing Twisted Spoon (and maybe getting Metronome instead)
-Lucky Egg manipulation (since we're catching Bibarel anyways)
-Grabbing Eevee->Jolteon for that Drifblim
-Using Return, Fist Plate, Metronome, etc.
-RNG manipulating fights (a la Red in HG any%)

Things to work on:
-Barry 3 (currently my route says "pray to RNGesus")
-Optimize PP usage
-Optimize item pickups (currently I just pick up everything the Piplup route picks up, minus a Max Elixir)
-Optimize X Items
-Fantina (maybe even cut the X Attack here)


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