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Re: New Platinum Strategies

Post by TyrantNeptune » Mon Dec 07, 2015 11:09 am

So, I've watched your PB (that is, I watched the Fantina battle and the run starting from Cyrus 1), and there are a few things I'd like to note.

Fantina: Assuming you one-hit Haunter (and remember to use Heal Powder) the only ways this fight can go wrong is if Psybeam crits or confuses. With the x sp.def strat that that you are currently using, getting blaze for the seccond flame wheel has proven to be more difficult. So I was thinking it might be a good idea to not use the x sp.def in the initial setup (because a crit psybeam will kill you anyway) and save it in case monferno dies. Then when you revive him, you can x sp.def and two-hit mismagius with +0 flame wheel.

Cyrus 1: Set up an x attack, so you can one-hit golbat and it doesn't crit you and potentially end your run. It doesn't cost any extra time, only an extra x attack.

Byron: Sturdy does not have the focus sash effect until gen 5. Close Combat will just one-hit Bastiodon without any problems.

Cyrus 2: You said it yourself allready, but you should defenitely set up an x speed, so crobat doesn't troll you.

Cyrus 3: All of Cyrus pokemon are weak to rock, and you have rock slide. I can't imagine super effective text takes more time than setting up one (maybe 2?) x items. Also, crobat has 151 speed, so you easily outsped it in your PB. You might want to check your speed in the double battle to make sure wether or not you need the x speed.

Cynthia: Psychic sp.def drop is a jerk. To remedy it, I would set up a guard spec instead of a x sp. def. That way you will prevent multiple sp.def drops and it's cheeper too. It does have an extra text box unfortunately.


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