Where to find a movement guide for this game?

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Where to find a movement guide for this game?

Post by Shepherd4119 » Wed Oct 07, 2015 7:26 pm

I was looking at a guide but basic movement wasn't covered, so I was wondering where I could find a guide on basic movement optimization? Looking to do my first speedrun ever on Fire Red, so I'm new to speedrunning and pokemon speedrunning. As such, I need all the info I can get. Thanks :D

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Re: Where to find a movement guide for this game?

Post by Exarion » Thu Oct 08, 2015 2:32 am

I don't think anyone's made a guide covering basic movement; the info is a bit scattered. Here are some general tips:

- Register the bike as soon as you get it, and bike as often as possible. Biking in Fire Red takes 6 frames per tile, running takes 8 and walking takes 16.

- Avoid ledge jumps (32 frames over two tiles) while biking or running unless you would need to take 4+ extra steps to get around the ledge.

- Talk to required trainers instead of walking into their sight. The latter avoids triggering an exclamation point that wastes about a second. This applies to ~90% of trainers in Gen 3.

- Try to pass spinners (spinning trainers) during windows in which they cannot spin. Most spinners cannot spin until the 32nd frame after they've been loaded or spun, which is exploitable in several ways. You can bike up to the tile before them, wait until they spin, then bike past them within a 25-frame window (a typical human reaction time is <20 frames). You can also open the bag or Pokemon menu to freeze the spinners for 32 frames, allowing a safe pass. Certain spinners can also be manipulated to face a certain direction by running to a specific tile or tiles, but don't try to run past a spinner, because they will always turn to face you.

- Turning from a stationary position costs 8 frames, but turning while in motion costs no frames. The game will only consider your position stationary if you stop holding a directional button OR you enter a cutscene/battle/menu in which a map is loaded. So when you talk to NPCs, for example, hold your directional input through the first dialogue box rather than letting go. In cases where you're forced into a stationary position, try to continue moving in the same direction (if possible without adding steps to the route) when you regain control to avoid the 8-frame loss.

More detailed info on the tips above can be found in various threads on the Gen 3 forums here.

If you're looking to optimize paths through specific routes, caves, etc., start by watching videos of the top runs. If you route movement yourself, a timer is your friend. :)
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