170 Pokédex becoming a legitimate category???

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170 Pokédex becoming a legitimate category???

Post by iiSalad » Mon Aug 18, 2014 8:25 pm

I had the idea to do a speedrun of catching every obtainable Pokémon in the game a month or so ago, and have done a few attempts. In my opinion it's the closest alternativee to a '100%' category that there is for this game and for any Pokémon game. I'm going to highlight a few positives and negatives to a run like this becoming a legitimate category, and I would hope people will chip in and give their opinions also.


It sparks interest. It'd be a fun, new category that will naturally come with viewer interest and excitement.
It's the fullest completion of a Pokémon game possible. Filling the pokédex to it's fullest is the aim of all Pokémon games in general.
It's a challenging run, with currently no clear route and several differing options people could take. This makes the category able to evolve and develop easily, a stage which the majority of other pokémon categories, if not all of them have already passed.


It's a long category. My only finished attempt was a 21:28:40, which is an exceedingly long portion of time. Having said this, there are longer categories in other communities that are still considered legitimate.
Because of the length, I doubt there are many people that will be able to run it. I'm lucky enough to havee the time to, while not at University, but many people may not.
The current ''WR'', if this was to be legitimized as a category, is a rather disappointing time that hardly represents how far the category can go.
Single segment is nigh impossible, so the category would need to be timed in RTA. The only problem I see for this is the manipulation of Surge's trash cans through soft resetting, but if all runners are able to do this, it evens the playing field anyway.


There is no guarantee that i'll be able to run this category very often when I start University this year, however I'd still love to see this develop into a legitimate category, purely because it is fun, and I would like nothing more than a little competition. With things such as 151 Red/Blue being a category (albeit glitched), and Sapphire 175 even gaining some interest, I believe a category suchh as this being implemented would bring some excitement to the game, and for once we can have a run that feels.. complete. Even if this idea is shut down by you all, I hope this raises some awareness and interest into how legit and fun this category is and feels.

Thanks, iiSalad.

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Re: 170 Pokédex becoming a legitimate category???

Post by Amoeba » Mon Aug 18, 2014 8:31 pm

I imagine this will get the same treatment as emerald all gold symbols, which was removed because of a lack of interest. Basically I think if you could convince someone else to do a run of it then there would be sufficient interest, but I imagine the PSR admins don't want to open the wiki up to any old category just for the sake of it.
From a personal opinion this category sounds hella fun, I'm tempted to route/try the same for emerald, and I wish you luck getting some attention to this~

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Re: 170 Pokédex becoming a legitimate category???

Post by roushmore917 » Tue Aug 19, 2014 11:03 am

If something like this (and other sort of "outlandish") Pokemon categories show up, maybe we could generate interest of hosting some pokemon HACK leaderboards as well. If the community ends up moving in a console-oriented direction, perhaps the emulator-only people could have stuff that they can go for World Record on.

Just yesterday, I decided to route Light Platinum (a Ruby Hack), and found it to be REALLY fun (albeit too easy for leveling Lol) and would LOVE to add the game to the leaderboards. Maybe we could use Werster's "Great Awakening" to expand our horizons in the end, eh?

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Re: 170 Pokédex becoming a legitimate category???

Post by FishermanFV » Sun Jul 12, 2015 11:34 pm

I want do a run of this in the near future and would.love to.see it being added to the leaderboards as a misc category


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