Avoiding audio transition lag

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Avoiding audio transition lag

Post by Exarion » Thu Dec 24, 2015 9:49 am

I think this trick is known, and it may apply to other gens, but I'll post it here since I recently discovered it through testing in Emerald:

When you transition between areas*, the game lags for ~40 frames if a new audio track is loaded. If the track is loaded while another track is loading from the previous area, the game lags even more -- those 40 frames plus the time it takes to finish loading the first track. For example, in Sky Pillar, if you get on the bike for the 5-tile trip between 4F and 5F, the game will start to load the bike track on 4F, then continue loading it on 5F while it switches to the Sky Pillar track, causing about 80 frames of lag. This lag DOES count toward in-game time, so it should be avoided regardless of your method for timing runs.

EDIT: The single-track lag seems to vary based on location. It's only ~10 frames when entering a building in Lavaridge Town, perhaps because lag is cleared during the door-opening animation?

I haven't tested every implication of this, but I can think of several at the moment:
- Route 111: After run-into-bike manipulating Brice, get off the bike before entering the cable car (saves ~24 frames)
- Mt. Pyre: Repel on the patch of land before the entrance (saves ~30 frames; some runners may already do this)
- Mt. Pyre: Get off the bike right before the entrance to the summit (saves ~28 frames)
- Seafloor Cavern: After run-into-bike manipulating the spinner, get off the bike before entering the next room (saves ~42 frames)
- Seafloor Cavern: Run, don't bike, from the Surf puzzle to Archie (saves ~15 frames; some runners may already do this)
- Cave of Origin: Get off the bike right before entering the foggy room (seems to save only a few frames if done perfectly; probably not worth it)
- Route 131: Dock as soon as possible (saves ~4 frames; total of 8 since you do Sky Pillar twice; some runners may already do this)
- The Sky Pillar example above
- More Sky Pillar: Get off the bike right before the stairs to Rayquaza (saves ~55 frames combined with the first example; total of 110 since you do Sky Pillar twice)
- Victory Road: Run, don't bike, the final 10 tiles in the second-to-last room (saves ~25 frames)
TOTAL TIME SAVE: 3.8 to 4.7 seconds, depending on your current movement

*The overworld is one area, so you don't get this lag when biking from Mauville City to Route 117, for example.
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Re: Avoiding audio transition lag

Post by Amoeba » Thu Dec 24, 2015 10:33 pm

Lol, I used to avoid the Sky Pillar one, but stopped because I mentioned it to werster and he said that loading time doesn't count towards IGT.
This was over a year ago to be fair.


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