Emerald 100%

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Emerald 100%

Post by ClothNapkin » Sat Apr 11, 2015 4:42 pm

Has anyone (other than me) considered the possibility of an Emerald 100% run? This, at least according to my definition, would involve getting all stars on your trainer card, so

-Beating the game
-Completing the Hoenn Pokedex
-Getting all Gold Battle Frontier Symbols
-Getting 5 paintings after Master Rank contests.

The length of the Gold Symbols may seem insurmountable, but with glitch moves, I think you can only lose in one. Glitzer Popping (I prefer Bad Pomegg, myself) allows us to get accurate OHKO priority moves, so only the Battle Factory would be an issue.

A few problems come to mind:
-It's still long. as in around 12 hours (Very rough estimate)
-Very few people would actually be willing to run it.
-Glitzer popping is annoying as hell, and you have to do it around 10 times.
-My definition of 100% is likely different from other people's. I'm excluding things like completing the National Dex for obvious reasons, but some things may be debatable, such as not fighting Steven.

I'd like to know other people's opinions on this.
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Re: Emerald 100%

Post by Sinstar » Sat Apr 11, 2015 6:35 pm

I'm not sure how you can refer to 100% at all in your post yet assume you can skip completing the Hoenn Dex, if you were to use the 100% title that would be 100% required, otherwise you'd have to find a different description for the category.
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Re: Emerald 100%

Post by ClothNapkin » Sun Apr 12, 2015 6:19 pm

National Dex, sorry. Hoenn Dex is completely reasonable. Nat Dex would just be hours and hours of more glitzer popping.
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Re: Emerald 100%

Post by Sinstar » Sun Apr 12, 2015 7:05 pm

Ok that makes a lot more sense, if you can get the Star/Badge on the trainer card with the Hoenn dex only then the run certainly seems possible. If someone did a run of it and was successful I'm sure it'd attract some attention.
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Re: Emerald 100%

Post by werster » Sun Apr 12, 2015 9:45 pm

There is no such thing as 100%.

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Re: Emerald 100%

Post by Gymfreak739 » Mon Apr 13, 2015 1:35 am

Werster is right. A better name for this category would be 4 Stars, as these are the requirements to get all 4 stars on your trainer card.

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Re: Emerald 100%

Post by froggy25 » Mon Apr 13, 2015 9:32 am

You would need Mew and Celebi for that one, right ? So that would mean a glitched run to get these two as well. (and even more if there is no trade, now that I think about it xD )

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Re: Emerald 100%

Post by RXFADEZ » Tue Apr 14, 2015 12:09 pm

What if we tried to do a Glitched All Gold Symbols Run rather than '100%'? Other than the Battle Factory (I think that's the one where you pick from a roster of Pokémon) we should be able to just use an IFG to take down all the symbols right? I know Werster has tried to do a Glitchless run of this before but could we incorporate glitches into it?

Just a thought.

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Re: Emerald 100%

Post by ClothNapkin » Sun Apr 19, 2015 7:31 pm

After thinking this over, a much better category would be to simply complete the Hoenn Dex. This would basically eliminate all the boring parts of the run, as contests are incredibly slow and the Battle Frontier would just be hours of mashing. I'm not going to do a run of this, but I would also be happy to see other people run this.
Next question: could this become a legitimate category, like 151 in Red/Blue? It would just be nice to have a Gen 3 glitched category that someone other than Werster ran...

And glitched Gold Symbols would be boring as hell to run or watch, sorry.
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Re: Emerald 100%

Post by RXFADEZ » Mon Apr 20, 2015 7:15 pm

ClothNapkin wrote:After thinking this over, a much better category would be to simply complete the Hoenn Dex.
This is not simple.
I'm assuming you aren't saying we catch the full Hoenn dex but even then it's not physically possible to do with any amount of consistency as far as I'm aware. This would HEAVILY rely on Glitzer Popping and this just isn't possible. Glitzer Pop multiple legendaries and starters and so much more.

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Re: Emerald 100%

Post by 7hryne » Tue May 26, 2015 12:21 pm

Hello everyone. I'm working on it wih the great Metarkrai who is working hard on the pomeg glitch which allows a lot of things in the game. We're gonna try to route it properly and once it's done Im gonna post it here.

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Re: Emerald 100%

Post by noobcubed » Tue May 26, 2015 7:21 pm

I feel like Hoenn Dex could become an official category, but I don't know enough about Glitzer popping to now how interesting a category it would be. 4 stars is one of those things you would do one run of to get a free world record since nobody would bother challenging you for it. Still if I saw someone was streaming 4 stars, I'd probably watch for a bit.

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Re: Emerald 100%

Post by 7hryne » Wed May 27, 2015 11:25 am

So we did some tests last night with Metarkrai, the thing I can assure you is that the run will be arround 6hs, and will rely a lot on the Pomeg Glitch since it's an awesomely power glitch that can torn the game appart. I let you know when we have a route.

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Re: Emerald 100%

Post by Metarkrai » Thu May 28, 2015 1:22 am

Hi everyone.

I'm much more interested into a 4-star run (or a 7 symbols one) more than a simple Hoenn/National Dex one since you get multiple rewards for having 4 Trainer stars (a 2nd Gen starter to pick, Lansat and Frista Berries, and the beautiful Nurse Joy aknowledgement of your achievement), since there's a pannel of corruptions common to Batle Frontier and Pokedex completion routes (you obtain first certain Glitch Pokemon to faster the following corruptions and increase their success chances), and since National Dex route would be like Hoenn Dex but with an additional grinding for Dome Pokemon, certain wild Pokemon, certain stealings, and quite a lot of Pokemon Corruptions.

For Hoenn Dex, you don't have that many Pokemon to obtain through Pokemon Corruption as this is used for Pokemon that aren't in Emerald, need to evolve with trades, need to be bred, are too rare, and can't be easily stolen.
A good part of the rare/uncatchable Pokemon can be stolen from all around Hoenn, as well as in Battle Dome.
For evolutionary families like Slakoth, it is preferrable to corrupt for Slakoth and get Vigoroth+Slaking with Rare Candies since Slakoth is 5% and since you can only steal Slaking.
With 7thryne, we started gathering data over the possible ways to get Hoenn Dex entries (I'd like to include Jirachi and Deoxys to have a complete Hoenn Dex since it doesn't cost that much time and looks prettier), and I think the Dex route will be the last thing to do, as it will be the longest one to planify (there's no real difficulty, but you need to order a good amount of catches/stealing/corruption in order to benefit from lucky encounters or strealings (like 5% Slakoth) ).
Master Balls will also need to be generated (Aqua and Magma Hideouts won't be cleared at all) and duplicated, as well as Rare Candies, in order to ensure the catches and do quick evolutions.

For contests, we can obain any species of Pokemon with every Contest Ribbon.
Thus, only Master Contests will need to be passed to get the ornaments.
However, I don't know for now which Pokemon (maybe multiple ones) can learn the most useful combos to clear every Master contest, and how much Contest stats he would need to secure the win.
Depending on the Pokemon, the training of the Pokemon to corrupt will vary, which will demand a bit of accuracy, so if you have multiple Pokemon to submit as contest-winners, that would be pretty optimal. (These Pokemon can also have 3 moves from Seedot/Nuzleaf Movepool, as well as Flash).

It is possible to get the first star with a Pomeg Glitch by corrupting the "1st League victory" time (if it isn't 0, then the first star appears in Trainer Card), but this has no real interesting point, and we need to beat League to unlock Battle Frontier.

Lastly, Battle Frontier isn't deprived of interest.
You have Battle Factory which still can't be altered at all (I'm sorry, I tried everything I could about that), and that also raises as the last main run killer for that speedrun (thus it would maybe be more interesting for the runner to do that part right after League).
Dome, Pike, Pyramid, Palace need to be treated a bit differently (with different teams or Glitch Moves) as they have certain different points :
In Dome, you can flee from Battles or steal trainer Pokemon.
In Pike, you can catch the wild Milotic and Dusclops, and use a PokeSteal Glitch Move (a Glitch Move that changes the Battle type to a wild battle) to get access to Bag items and heal yourself from a potential 2/3 Pokemon Freeze (some Berries could also do the trick too).
In Pyramid, you can flee from any trainer except the Leader. Thus, with an IFG Move, you can clear Pyramid floors with more ease (you won't be bothered too much from the Trap & Shadow Tag floors), but you can't catch anything since you only have the Pyramid Bag (it's possible to make Balls appear into that Bag, or enter Pyramid in Safari Mode, but that's not useful for speedrun).
In Palace, I don't really know the good Move combinations that allow you to easily stay on defensive, but I think a Protect/Flash/Glitch Move (or Surf/Flamethrower) seems to cover the 3 different Palace Move types and offer as much safety as possible. (I don't know the nature of the Pokemon that'll be used too) But if you have information to share on that, I would be interested into them.

I haven't chosen yet which Pokemon to uses for Battle Frontier Buildings, as I have a good amount of choices.
Also, since I worked part on French Emerald and part on US Emerald, I don't have the values for all the required Glitch Moves or Glitch Pokemon (this will take a bit of time for one Move since I don't have an application to search for US Emerald Glitch Moves properties).

Today, with 7hryne, we wrote the body of the preparation phase (preparing Pokemon and Glitch Poke before Battle Frontier, Contests, and Pokedex). There was no main time-eating issue, but since it's only the body, a lot of tiny details can be made earlier or delayed to gain some time.
We tried to lessen as much as possible the amount of Pomeg Glitch corruptions, while obtaining elements to do the rest of them faster and with more safety.

Here are the translated scaps (if they can be a bit understandable) :
Beginning -> Fortree.
Pomeg Glitch for EGFL.
Fly to EverGrande.
Get an invisible Decamark for Decaswitch.
Pomeg Glitch for an IFG Move.
Go to Lilycove and beat Rival4.
Go to Mauville and get Mach.Brace.
Beat Victory Road + League.
Beat Battle Factory.
Perform an Item Duplication for money (and maybe duplicate a Rare Candy now).
Get the in-game trade Seedot (Ralts is caught in early game or now).
Catch 1 Smeargle (need Suirtlebottle for that).
use Sektch a Ditto technique to get the IFG Move on Smeargle.
Beat Mossdeep Gym and clear Spatial Center.
Get Super Rod.
Go to Sootopolis (maybe catch a Tentacool to teach him Dive if Swampert can't).
Use Pomeg Glitch to unlock Sootopolis Gym.
Beat Sootopolis Gym.
Go grab Pokeblock Case in Lilycove and go at Safari Zone to catch a Goldeen.
Evolve it and level it up to Lv 41 for Waterfall.
Go to Meteor Falls and catch a Bagon.
Get the in-game traded Seasor in Pacifildog.
Clone and prepare Seasor and Seedot.
Create HYPY the Caterpie, a perfect corruption initiator (In a Double Corruption).
Obtain both Glitch Pokemon for Cloning and Instant Pomeg Glitch (in a single Corruption).
Prepare a Seedot clone for Contests.
Obtain Volbeat, Anti-Cloning Glitch Pokemon, a Powerhouse Glitch Poke with Master Ball, and the contest Seedot (in a Double Corruption).
Get the in-game traded Plusle.
Obtain a Killer Glitch Move and Stealing Glitch Move (in a corruption or double corruption).
Duplicate Master Ball.

Some parts were more detailed than others, and I didn't write about the good amount of items that will be obtained as well (like more picked berries, resetting BerryMaster and Joy, Rods, maybe Flamethrower TM, PP Plus) and sometimes cloned, nor certain attacks that will be needed on Seedot, Horsea, or Plusle to be well corrupted.

But as you can see, this setup mixes the required elements for Battle Frontier, Contests, and Pokedex (and to obtain the in-game traded needed Pokemon, and certain Glitch Pokemon to perform multiple corruptions faster after that).
The amount of Pomeg Glitch corruptions isn't that high, and there are some different ones exploiting different mechanics to make the whole thing fast and clean.
If the goal was Battle Frontier only, I think that only Plusle and Smeargle should be needed since you'd only need Killer Glitch Move and IFG Move (Stealing would be for Pike safe strats). This would require a 1% Volbeat (or a Corruption for Volbeat), followed by 2 corruptions for both Glitch Moves (if you want Lv 100 Pokemon, that will require Double Corruptions).
But with Pokedex completion, fast Corruption and Double Corruption ability is needed. (Also, there's only a single way to get a nice perfect initiator in Emerald due to the low amount of in-game traded Pokemon)(I came out with another way now, but it would take a bit longer to set up and would probably be a bit more messy since you'd use a Bad Egg).

As far as I thought about that body, it seems to work with no main flaw, but it still could be improved in a a lot of tiny (or big ways) (that, I don't know, I'll need to make a more precise route to see about that).

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Re: Emerald 100%

Post by jolteontrainer » Thu Jul 16, 2015 9:35 pm

I made a thread on the TAS forums where it's Emerald+ Just All gold symbols. 100% is too much.

Here's the link : http://tasvideos.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=14578

It's a good read.

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Re: Emerald 100%

Post by ClothNapkin » Thu Aug 06, 2015 5:13 am

Wow Metadarkrai, that's way better than anything I had.

Anyway a couple things:

Have you messed around at all with the possibility of RNG manipulation for more consistent Glitzer Popping? I looked into it a little, but without any results.

If you're doing all Trainer Stars, you don't need Jirachi and Deoxys. If you're doing Hoenn Dex, you do. Seems obvious enough.

What moves have you found that allow to catch trainer pokemon? Do they allow to catch multiple from a single trainer?

Lastly, the Battle Factory is awful. In my (bad) original route, I would get the Master Ball, set up the Pomeg Glitch, get Battle Frontier Fly Location, and beat the Factory, then clone items and start catching pokemon. It really is that bad.

Lastly, a small note that hatching eggs is awful.
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Re: Emerald 100%

Post by 7hryne » Thu Aug 20, 2015 2:51 pm

Hi ClothNapkin !
If I do remember well, the steeling move does close the battle after you catched it. So that's why you need to know precisely which Pokemon have each trainer to route it properly and no to lose much time on exp.
For the hatching part, I did remember that i won't costs that much time for it is only used for a little number of Pokemon (so you can hatch while running from a place to another).
Finally, for the battle Factory, since Metarkrai did find a way of getting a superpowerful move, I guess we were supposed to do it last, since most of the Pokemon might be captured/generated along the whole run.

I should be catchin Metarkrai soon to go further on the route some things might be comming soon !

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Re: Emerald 100%

Post by Metarkrai » Fri Aug 21, 2015 3:19 pm

ClothNapkin :

- The greatness of Pomeg Glitch data corruption is also a certain downside : I have no way to make a RNG manipulation of the RAM data movements, which I think only depends on the same RNG as Pokemon generation (since it is managed by a double-word), and updated everytime you do something like opening your Bag, going through a door/stairs, making a battle,...

With Sweet Scent, I should try to do some RNG things to see if the RAM data movements can be manipulated like this, even if I don't think that this would be useful in a run, since it would be a frame perfect trick requiring a Sweet Scent, as well as a soft-reset after every attempt.
It could be useful for a safety strategy on 1-2 corruptions after the league (or for Ever Grande Fly Location), but I planned after that to get an Instant Pomeg Glitch glitch pokemon, allowing for faster Pomeg Glitch data corruption (once you are set up, you just need to open the party and start scrolling up, and you can save right before that, so it's really fast).

Well, right as I'm writing this, I'm remembering something : the RAM data positioning also depend on the Trainer ID, so unless you manipulate your TID, you won't be able to be consistent from run to run on a RAM data positioning.

- Yeah, I know that Jirachi and Deoxys aren't needed for a 4 Stars run, but I wanted them to have a complete regional Pokedex as it would only require 2 more Eggs to get them, like for the 151 Dex category. (4 starts being for Nurse Joy).
But we'll see if 4 stars run will be a thing, or something like League + Battle Frontier + Contests.

- The Glitch Moves that allow you to steal Trainer Pokemon are Glitch Moves with a name long enough to corrupt the battle type, but not that long in order to not mess up with data related to the battle that are a bit higher (if the name is too long the game will freeze). And once you see that Glitch Move's name, the battle type is set to a wild battle with Bag allowed, allowing you to catch the opposing Pokemon (even if it doesn't have the same ID/SID, meaning that once caught he'll become a Bad Egg).
This is also used to open the Bag in Battle Frontier if you want to heal your team in cases like a Battle Pike battle with 3 frozen Pokemon from that dumb Dusclops. (it doesn't give you back your normal bag in Battle Pyramid though)
And this is also used to flee from Trainer Battles as they are considered wild Pokemon battles. Depending on the Battle Frontier buidling you were in, the flee can result in a win or a loss. (in Dome, that's a tie thus a win, and it's also a win in Pyramid, except against Leaders where you have to defeat them to win)
I don't know if this also changes the IA behaviour from "competitive trainer" to "random moves" or not, but I don't think this is really important since the battles where this glitch move will be used will either end in a flee, quick win with OHKO Glitch Move, or with a stolen Pokemon.

In Battle Frontier buildings, the Pokedex can't be updated, so stealing Pokemon there has no use for now. I also don't have use with the Bad Eggs from stolen Pokemon as their data depends on the trainer TID and on your TID.
Trainers that have multiple Pokemon will still send their remaining Pokemon on wild battle mode, which allows you to choose which Pokemon you want to steal more easily.
And like in a wild battle, the battle ends when you catch a Pokemon, so you can't catch multiple Pokemon in a single fight (which would have been great).

- Up to now, I only found a tiny way to interfere with Battle Factory with Pomeg Glitch (changing the streak value in order to skip series and get Silver then Gold symbols faster, as you're forced to have Silver Symbol to do the Golden Symbol fight), but it wouldn't be worth the time and glitches in a speedrun (in a TAS, if would be useful on certain buildings including Factory, but not all of them).
My strategies to corrupt data related to flags or other values (Mirage Island, Feebas Tiles, coins, event islands, Altering Cave, Battle Frontier Symbols) have all been unsuccessful, so I have no way to directly get the Golden Factory Symbol, nor to bring a specific Pokemon / Move / Item in there. (I haven't emptied my bag of possible strategies, but I already dug deep into all the things I had in mind).

Here, what would be needed for Battle Frontier would be :
- Do Battle Factory right after League (because it can't be manipulated yet)
- Instant Flee Glitch Move for Dome and Pyramid (except Leaders)
- Pokemon Stealing Move for Pike (in cases of triple status)
- Pokemon with OHKO Glitch Move, Water move, and a Fire Move (Dewgong or Mantine) for every building except Factory and Palace (all Sturdy Pokemon are weak to Water/Fire, as well as Shedinja)
- Pokemon with OHKO Glitch Move, Infinite Protect Move, Spore Glitch Move, coupled with Pokemon with Water/Fire Moves, Protect, and .. for Palace. (having different Pokemon to take care of non-Sturdy and Sturdy Pokemon will be more efficient)

All these Glitch Moves and Pokemon with Glitch Moves would be obtained beforehand with Smeargles and in-game traded Pokemon.

I don't have a fully made route for Glitch Pokemon and Glitch Move preparations, but a good amount of things and potential issued were discussed with 7hryne.
This route is also focused on reducing the amount of luck implied in corruptions, as well as their number and average time.
Once 3 specific Pokemon would be obtained (Corruption Initiator from traded Horsea, Instant Cloning Glitch Pokemon, Instant Pomeg Glitch Pokemon), corruptions would be done way faster (higher chances to succeed, lower preparation time, lower execution time). To get these Glitch Pokemon, 1-2 other Glitch Pokemon/Moves are required to fasten up things too, like DecaSwich and Instant Flee Glitch Move, so it would be I think a cool route.

For contests, as I think I said, I haven't done a lot of work on that, but the strategy would be :
- Have a Pokemon with Hyper/Master rank ribbons
- Teach him the nicest combo moves, and give him enough contest stats to make it a winner
- Win (don't forget to talk to the museum guy to get the paintings)

But I don't have a set idea for a Pokemon, nor for its moves or Constest stats (that would be achieved with Pomeg Glitch from one side, and rare/event berries from another side).

And as you can see, Pokedex completion comes after that, and yeah, it's less intricated with the rest of the things than what I would have hoped so even I am a bit hesitating on the final impact that part will have for the runner and for the run.
It would consist of getting Master Balls, duplicating them, getting Pokemon Stealing Move, OHKO Glitch Move (or a strong move), Instant Flee Glitch Move, go across Hoenn and catch/steal everything that can be caught/stolen, duplicate Rare Candies to make evolutions, use Pomeg Glitch to get the remaining Pokemon.

Also, the Eggs you would have to hatch with Pomeg Glitch would only require 1 (a bit more for a few Pokemon) Egg cycle, which means up to 255 steps for each Egg. Thus, the hatching sequence wouldn't be that much of a threat.
And the list of Pokemon to hatch, as well as the steal/catching route aren't completed too, but the largest part of the issues concerning Glitch Pokemon /Moves you'd need, and how to obtain them as fast as possible has been taken care of.

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Re: Emerald 100%

Post by RXFADEZ » Fri Aug 21, 2015 3:33 pm

Metarkrai wrote:With Sweet Scent, I should try to do some RNG things to see if the RAM data movements can be manipulated like this, even if I don't think that this would be useful in a run, since it would be a frame perfect trick requiring a Sweet Scent, as well as a soft-reset after every attempt.
It could be useful for a safety strategy on 1-2 corruptions after the league (or for Ever Grande Fly Location), but I planned after that to get an Instant Pomeg Glitch glitch pokemon, allowing for faster Pomeg Glitch data corruption (once you are set up, you just need to open the party and start scrolling up, and you can save right before that, so it's really fast).
Tell me if anything good comes of this. A frame perfect manipulation can be easier than a 1/32 sometimes.

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Re: Emerald 100%

Post by 7hryne » Fri Aug 21, 2015 4:35 pm

I did catch Metarkrai today, and if everything goes well, I guess we will be able to give a pretty good route for the run in a month. We'll try to work on it to get things done for we stopped working on it and it's a shame :(
Im pretty motivated and hyped to get a full route for it and see how far all this can go.

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Re: Emerald 100%

Post by Metarkrai » Fri Aug 21, 2015 6:47 pm

If you have a manipulated ID/SID combination, it should work in certain cases.

I roughly tried certain setups, and it confirms that the RAM data location can be manipulated with frame perfect timing.
At least, my tests showed that it seems to work for Sweet Scent (seems because there might be other variables that I don't know of and that would change things, but for that I don't think so).
The RAM data location isn't manipulable right when you load the save as it seems to depend on the position it had when you saved.
However, manipulating the RAM data location by exiting Bag seems to work (would be used for Instant Pomeg Glitch).

I did this with one of my Emerald saves, and changed the ID/SID couple. So, if you have a more practical setup to do or see things (if you want Memory Viewer adresses to watch the RAM adresses positionning, I can give you one. A script directly indicating this data should exist, but I don't have a link explaining how this is calculated anymore, so I can't provide one for now), as well as different saves to see if this can be truly RNG manipulated, feel free to do so. :)

But yeah, if manipulating the ID and SID on Emerald isn't too much of a bother, RNG manipulating certain corruptions could help a bit to fasten things for the runner. (for something as Ever Grande, a certain timer setup would be done in order to have 4-7 times to RNG with since you'll do 7 corruptions before resetting in general)

For Sweet Scent, Route 117 seems to be the best for that with 58% chance to get an Oddish/Illumise with Sweet Scent.

I had this in mind, but in Battle Frontier buildings, the entrance NPC has a script for "being back after a break" where he takes you back to where you were and gives you your team back.
This could be manipulable as the game really stores the party slots of the Pokemon that were selected for the building, and redoes your Battle party with them. He also places you back on a specified round.
This could allow a player to make a team with empty slots, Pokemon with items, illegal Pokemon, Bad Eggs, as well as taking the streak back on a very high round (like round 22) (it allows the player to make a huge amount of victories without being taken back to the entrance nor meeting the leader, and thus gaining time before the final round for the golden symbol).

However, with the glitching methods I have now, I can't pull any interesting thing from this.
It would have been interesting in Battle Pyramid as you could bring items with you, but out of all the Glitch Pokemon that would give the NPC script + party slots between 1 and 12, there is a single one that lets you go back to Battle Frontier with a non glitched team, and this one places you in a glitched Pyramid round where the game directly freezes.

For Battle Factory, other adresses are used to store the selected Pokemon PID and number (since they're drawn from the Battle Frontier Pokemon list). I'll check if this can be manipulated, even though it wouldn't be that useful because of the silver symbol requirement before the golden one, but I never checked if the Pokemon list had exactly 256 entries of a bit less, leading to certain glitch Pokemon at the end.

After a bit of work, I have now all the Glitch Moves and Pokemon ID that I wanted, as well as the Pokemon required for Battle Frontier and things.

Moves :
OHKO Glitch Move : 0x4066 (64,102), Dragon Type, PPs 67, Acc 199, Prio 101.
Stealing Glitch Move : 0x042A (4,42), Normal Type, must be in Slot 1/2.
IFG Move : Normally obtained by corrupting Wingull. Backup : 0x040E (4,14), must be in Slot 4, Summary can't be opened.
Strong Fire Move : 0x3035 (48,53), Fire Type, Pow 215, PPs 17, Acc 94, Prio 0.
Infinite Protect Move : 0x4018 (64,24), Normal Type, PPs 193, Acc 166, Prio 21.
Glitch Spore Move : 0x2929 (41,41), Fighting Type, PPs 116, Acc 241, Prio 18.

Pokemon :
Invisible Glitch Pokemon (used for Decaswitch)
Cloning Pokemon : 0x2828 (40,40) (Also does reverse cloning)
Instant Pomeg Glitch Pokemon : 0x29A7 (41,167) (Can be hatched, does reverse cloning)
Volbeat : To trade against a Plusle
Smeargle : IFG
Poke.. : Stealing Move, OHKO Move
Dewgong : OHKO Move, Surf, Infinite Protect, Glitch Spore (From Plusle with Thunder), @ Lum Berry
Vileplume : OHKO Move/Strong Fire Move, Infinite Protect, Glitch Spore (From Plusle with Growl)
Tortank : Strong Fire Move, Infinite Protect, Glitch Spore (From Plusle with Thunderpunch) @ Lum Berry

The moves and Pokemon were chosen in order to roll over Battle Frontier (Palace being mean, as well as Sturdy Pokemon, full party status old man on Battle Pike, and Shedinja), roll over trainers, steal trainers Pokemon, and fasten the remaining clonings and Pomeg Glitches.
There could have been other uses for Glitch Pokemon/Moves, but they either didn't work or are too slow for a speedrun.
They were then all selected in order to require the least amount of EV training (the required EVs need as few as possible 1,2 or 4 EVs battles).

Glitch Moves were really picky since most of them need to be usable in fight, without bad secundary effects, without a name that's too long, and some of them need to not crash the game on the summary.
But the selection went well, as all the Glitch Moves that will be used in fights can be viewed in the Pokemon summary, don't bring secundary effects, and have a short name due to their type not being a glitch type (the game says "XX uses a Normal Move").
The only move that was hard to find was the Strong Fire Move, as I couldn't find any other working Fire Move that would deal damage to the opponent with a high base power and more accuracy or more prority. (I started with good criteras and loosened them little by little until I had a working move)
For that move, the priority isn't that much of an issue since it will be used on Sturdy Pokemon/Shedinja, and Tortank has a higher Base Speed than them. With that much Base Power, Tortank Special Attack, and the not-so-strong SpeDef of Gen III Sturdy Pokemon, they'll all die in one hit.
Dewgong, Vileplume and Tortank will be used in Palace, and Dewgong will forgot Surf for that building.
Vileplume is there in case Dewgong dies to really unlucky moves choices and damage. I don't know if I should give him the OHKO Move or Strong Fire Move since Tortank could take a heavy hit on Magneton's Thunderbolts and potentially die on a critical hit on the switch.
I'm maybe a bit overprotective, but this should definitely take care of Battle Palace really fast and without any major issue.

In Pyramid and Dome, IFG Smeargle and Dewgong will be used as every trainer Battle except Leader ones can be skipped.
For Pike, Dewgong and Stealing Move Poke and Tortank/another Pokemon will be used in order to heal the team in case of a triple status followed by a battle.

In Arena and Tower, Dewgong and Tortank will easily go through. Surf on Dewgong is here to let him directly take care of Sturdy Pokemon. You also can't easily manipulate 4 Moves at once from the in-game traded Plusle, so Dewgong won't have the Strong Fire Move instead of Surf.

Factory can't be interferred (for now), and will also be useful for Battle Points, as Plusle needs them in order to learn Thunderpunch and become a Blastoise.

I also included Volbeat in the list as it will be obtained through a Pomeg Glitch since it's way faster than finding a 1% wild one, in order to get the traded Plusle at Fortree. Unfortunately, he can only be obtained at Lv 5 or 100, and since Plusle needs to gain EVs, we'll have a Lv 5 Volbeat. Thus, this dumb Plusle won't be able to make kills by himself, so he'll need the Exp Share.

Even though I pretty much have the Glitch Moves and Pokemon required for Battle Frontier and Pokedex and Contests (for contests it would be Seedot but I don't know what to give him for now), the corruption route is still unset as I will need to time certain actions to know how to make it.

The roughly scrapped route I have in mind for now is :
- Start game and go up to Fortree.
- Make Pomeg Glitch and get EGFL. (1/32 chance to work)
- Get an Invisible Glitch Pokemon from your PC
- Make another Pomeg Glitch to get a Bad Egg with an IFG Move (?? chances)
- Surf towards Mossdeep, then Lilycove (maybe Pacifildog too). Fly to Lilycove and beat Rival 4. (Grab items in the way)
- Fly back to Ever Grande and beat Victory Road + League.
- Go at Battle Frontier and beat Battle Factory
- Go catch one/two Smeargle in Artisan Cave.
- Make a fully KO team with a Smeargle and the Bad Egg with IFG using Decaswitch.
- Use the Sketch on a Ditto technique to get the IFG Move on Smeargle.
- Fly to Route 102 and catch a Ralts (using a Lv 4 Repel would help). Get the traded Seedot with it.
- Fly at Mossdeep and beat the Gym. Get Dive and unlock Sootopolis.
- Use Decaswitch to make another Pomeg Glitch and unlock Sootopolis Gym Doors. (1/32 chance to work)
- Beat the Gym, and go to Safari Zone to fish for a wild Goldeen (maybe catch a Remoraid with Hustle before). Give him an Everstone and put it at Lv 38 to have Waterfall.
- Go into Meteor Falls and catch a Bagon. Trade it for a Horsea at Pacifildog.
- Clone and train Seedot to use it as an initiator to corrupt Horsea.
- Train Horsea to make the Cloning Glitch Pokemon, Instant Pomeg Glitch Glitch Pokemon and Volbeat.
- Make clones (5 clones of Horsea and Seedot for each desired Pokemon) (the main change would be there)
- Make a Pomeg Glitch to get Eggs of Horsea (6-7/32 chances to work).
- Hatch the Egg of Instant Pomeg Glitch Pokemon and of Volbeat.
- Clone the Instant Pomeg Glitch Pokemon
- Fly towards Slateport and use it to set up an Instant Pomeg Glitch.
- Do a Double Corruption of the remaining Egg. (1/32 chance to work, unfortunately, but way faster)
- Get the Cloning Glitch Pokemon. Clean the PC and use it to clone certain items way faster (for the future trainings and setups)
- Get Volbeat and trade it for Plusle.
- Clone and train Plusle in order to get Dewgong, Vileplume, Tortank, and Stealing Glitch Move. Train and clone another Plusle to use it as a corruption initiator for the remaining corruptions. Train a Seedot to get a Master Ball from him, as well as a nice Pokemon for Contests.
- Make another Instant Pomeg Glitch to get 5 Eggs. (6-7/32 chances to work). Clean the PC and clone the Eggs and initiator Plusle.
- Keep that Instant Pomeg Glitch to get the desired Pokemon, Moves, and Items.
- Set up the Bag and PC and use that Instant Pomeg Glitch to duplicate the Master Ball. (5/32 chances to work)
- Now, Battle Frontier remaining facilities can fall, and only few training parts are left for Contests and Pokedex.

It might be a little too rough exposed like this to really seem well-made, but that's the best route I have for now, with the least amount of Pomeg Glitches, the fastest setup time, and the highest chances of success I could have.
There will be a good amount of clonings (for Pokemon and items), so some time saves might come from here, as well as the order of Pokemon that are corrupted.
You could theorically gain time by corrupting the Sootopolis NPC in order to access Origin Cave, but you can't see him from the water, so in practice it's way too long to attempt.

Also, thanks to that edit, I rewrote the corruption part and polished up more things. Now I know that certain Glitch Pokemon freeze the "Move Item" menu. It's always possible to get an item back from a Glitch Pokemon in the party, though.

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Re: Emerald 100%

Post by roushmore917 » Tue Aug 25, 2015 5:08 am

if you guys find anything else or get more details on the route... I'd like to know
I might be interested in trying this out sometime

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Re: Emerald 100%

Post by 7hryne » Tue Aug 25, 2015 7:28 am

Next month I'll be less busy (I hope so a least) so I might be able to learn the full run and maybe do a tuto about it explaining some parts of the run that might be a bit difficult and to make it easier to learn. I don't promise anything but I'll surely try to.

EDIT : By "next month" I mean early September.

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Re: Emerald 100%

Post by Metarkrai » Tue Aug 25, 2015 11:49 am

For now, I'm working on the main strategies for the route, and I'm keeping myself with scaps like what I wrote because there are many tiny things that come with them (beating a certain trainer, ev-training here and there, getting certain items, buying, cloning,..) that everytime I see a smal change, it would make me rewrite a lot of stuff.

For example, I don't know for now the preparations for Seedot in order to have an excellent contest Pokemon, as it might require Pokeblocks of event berries, so that could require different preparations for the previous pokemon in order to generate some of these berries, make the pokeblocks, and also try to corrupt on of them with the Master Ball duplication.

I also have to check the obtainable items at sea (which would be with IFG Bad Egg before victory Road or with IFG Smeargle and Dive after tha), as these would, I think, greatly help for cash and boost items (Protein, HP Up,..).
It's always possible to get enough of these during the cloning sequence, but there should be a need of Repels and Max Repels and other things, and the easiest way to get all that stuff would be to duplicate a Bag item and sell the duplicates.
This duplication could be performed for EGFL or Ever Grande, as it wouldn't require that much additional time, but would require additional Berries and Tms in order to debug Tms and Berry pouches. (by duplication here, I mean the duplication of a random bag item, not the duplication of a specific bag item that requires a bit more setup in order to be done).

Yeah, this could be a nice thing to do and should gain us time, let's go for that. Berry Pouch will be easily decorrupted as it's easy to harvest berries here and there, whereas for Tm/Hm pouch, these can be bought at Lilycove once money will flow. (Once the bag will be set up, this corruption will nearly always duplicate something, so it won't require attempts just for that, just a wait of a couple more seconds on an EGFL/Sootopolis Gym Door corruption)

To succeed in this corruption, it would require a certain amount of items in Bag and PC (at least 32 or them, Items or Balls or Berries or Tms), so I think it would be better to attempt that at Sootopolis since we would have collected more items, and the Lilycove Dpt Store access would help for buying cheap items.
But that would be good too since cheap items are also required for Master Ball duplication, so we could try to duplicate a Rare Candy with them (in the case it works, that would prevent us from doing tha later for the evolutions, and remove some cloning).

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Re: Emerald 100%

Post by Metarkrai » Wed Aug 26, 2015 1:21 pm

Well, there was something I forgot about that damn Battle Palace, so I had to research nearly every glitch move as well as different Pokemon.

In Battle Palace, moves are separated in 3 categories : Offensive, Defensive, and Sneaky.
At every turn, one of these categories is randomly chosen, with probabilities depending on the Pokemon's nature.
If the Pokemon have moves in every category, he'll attack.
The Pokemon from Plusle will be Timid (62% Offensive, 10% Defensive, 28% Sneaky)
If the Pokemon has no moves for a category where he doesn't have a move, if that category it will have 50% chance to not be able to attack. (else a move is chosen in one of the 2 remaining categories with certain criteras we don't care about)
Thus, in order to not be wrecked by being unable to attack, each Pokemon needs moves in every category.
(Link for Palace data : http://upcarchive.playker.info/0/upokec ... alace.html )

But what makes a move Offensive, Defensive, or Sneaky isn't the effect of the move, but the targets the move has.
The "target" information is stored in a byte, and has normally only 1 bit set (so 0x10, 0x20, or 0x08), but since we're dealing with glitch moves, they can yield "combinations" of targets (like 0x18, 0x30,...), and here, the game is very strict.
The move is considered Sneaky if the "target" byte of the move is at 0x01, 0x40, or at 0x01/0x02/0x04/0x08/0x20/0x40 if the move has a Power of 0.
The move is considered Defensive if the "target" byte of the move is at 0x10.
The move is offensive if it isn't Sneaky or Defensive.

Thus, all the Glitch Moves I had for Spore and Protect were all considered offensive, which made my Pokemon unable to attack 38% of the time, and also prevented him from using its OHKO move 62% of the time.
And with such strict conditions, it was hard to find Glitch Moves with useful effects and good elements that would be considered "Sneaky" or "Defensive".

Thus, here's the new team I was able to make for Battle Frontier and especially Battle Palace :
Pokemon List :
0x010E : OHKO Move 0x4066, Sketch Move 0x0732, Sketch Move 0x0732. (From Plusle's Helping Hand, Lv 13)
Chansey : OHKO Move 0x4066,Sketch Move 0x0732, (Protect, Toxic). (From Plusle's Light Screen)
Blastoise : Sketch Move 0x0732, OHKO Move 0x4066, (Surf, Protect). (From Plusle's Thunderpunch)
Poke .. : Infinite Protect 0x0434, OHKO Move 0x4066, Stealing Move 0x042A. (From Plusle's .., hatched)

Moves List :
OHKO Glitch Move : 0x4066 (64,102), Dragon Type, PPs 67, Acc 199, Prio 101.
Sketch Glitch Move : 0x0732 (7,50), Rock Type, PPs 45
Stealing Glitch Move : 0x042A (4,42), Normal Type, must be in Slot 1/2.
Infinite Protect Move : 0x0434 (4,52), Normal Type, PPs 61, Prio 0 (Sneaky)(can't be viewed in Battle or in Summary)

Battle Palace Team :
0x010E : OHKO Move, Protect, Infinite Protect. @Lum Berry / something
Chansey : OHKO Move, Protect, Counter/Mirror Coat/Spore/Confuse Ray, Toxic. @ Berry against confusion
Blastoise : Surf, Protect, Infinite Protect. @Leftovers / Lum Berry

Here's the thing : The Infinite Protect Move is the best Sneaky Defensive Move I have, since it does an Infinite Protect, but it has a priority of 0, so I need a Pokemon with a super high speed to use it.
Thus, Pokemon between Celebi and Treecko are used as they have the same stats as Deoxys-Atk (150 in Atk, SpAtk, Speed, and 50 in HP, Def, SpDef).
I'm sure that in Battle Palace, this Pokemon will die in one hit against any evolved Pokemon, but like this, and with 100-128 SPeed EVs, he has 367 Speed and is faster than every Battle Frontier Pokemon except 5 sets.
It also could be owned by Pokemon with Agility, Dragon Dance, Mach Punch, Extremespeed, and these Quick Claw bastards, but that doesn't represent that many Pokemon nor chances to be wrecked, and it's the safest set I could pull anyway.

With a Protect / Infinite Protect combination, the only case where you can miss is when you use Protect (10%) and use Protect or an Infinite Protect behind that (38%). Keeping using Protect will decrease the success chance as it is entented to do, and once you use one Infinite Protect, the success chance goes back at 100%.
Thus, the rough chance of using Protect and ending up missing a Protect/Infinite Protect against an offensive Move is 1.27%.
The chance to get a Quick Claw activation on an Offensive Move against an Infinite Protect is around 3.36%.
There are 80 Pokemon with a Quick Claw on Battle Frontier.
There is only one set of Shedinja, and it can only appear on 22 trainers. (0,1,2,3,4,5,12,13,14,15,16,17,42,45,48,49,50,51,52,53,63,69)
There are 4 bad Mach Punch sets, and 3 Extremespeed sets.
There are 5 outspeeding sets (Jolteon, Crobat, Ninjask). (Maybe less since Jolteon and Crobat need to be Timid)
( http://upcarchive.playker.info/0/upokec ... kemon.html )

-Blastoise has enough Power with Surf to OHKO any Sturdy user except Forretress and Skarmory, but he outspeeds them all, and he won't be OHKOed unless he takes a crit. He also has the same Protect/Infinite Protect defense to be as safe as possible.
-The support Pokemon, Chansey, knows the OHKO Glitch Move too, as the risk of getting the first Pokemon killed is more important than the risk of getting Blastoise killed.
Chansey has Toxic in order to take care of Shedinja, while being able to be relatively safe against other Pokemon in case 0x010E would die.
I could have chosen Ninetales instead of Chansey, but Chansey's Normal type makes him more efficient against Shedinja.
Also, Chansey is too slow, having the Infinite Protect move on him won't help him. Thus, I have a choice of 4 potential Sneaky moves he could have in order to protect himself a bit in case a Sneaky Move (28%) is chosen, as Toxic won't help him that much for that.
I think Spore or Smokescreen would be pretty neat, but I'm not sure which one to use. (Spore might not be easily obtainable, so Smokescreen could be used by default.)

If the Pokemon moves differ from their Palace sets, and if I use that Glitched Sketch Move, it's because it allows me to get moves I couldn't normally have on these Pokemon, like Spore, in a faster way than by directly putting the EVs for that Move (Spore requires 147 EVs), and as Sketch also requires a good amount of EVs (0,166).
There is also another issue in the name of Infinite Protect Glitch Move 0x0434. Since he can't be viewed in battle or in a summary, the Pokemon that will learn can only be used in Palace, and can't forget that move unless they go to the Day Care.
And Pokemon obtained through Plusle have 0x0505 as their 4th move, so they need to go to the Move Deleter in order to remove it for Palace.

Thus, 0x010E and Blastoise can't directly learn Infinite Protect, which is Sketchable with a Glitch Sketch move, and it will be the 4th Pokemon made mainly for Pyramid and Stealing Pokemon that will learn 0x0434.
And since that Pokemon will be used for Pyramid and stealing Pokemon, he'll have to lose 0x0434, so it will be hatched in order to be at Lv 5 and put in Day Care to learn 1/2 new moves in order to suppress 0x0434 after being used against a wild Ditto.
If I really want to get these moves on the Pokemon, and not besides, it is because there are for now 2 big setups for Double Corruptions, and having to Double Corrupt 1 more Pokemon would require another Double Corruption.
It's not something that would take that much time with Cloning Glitch Poke and Intant Pomeg Glitch Poke, and it will maybe be used in a new change of route, but I want to be as minimal as possible for now.
The way it could be used is in the fact that it could be easier to EV-train 4/5 Plusle in Atk and HP, than having 2/3 in Atk and HP and 2 in SpA and SpDef. But this will depend on the required EVs, and on the wild Pokemon/trainers giving them.

Well, you won't have seen it, but I made a change to my change during that post, so doing it helped me improving the route.
Since I have now a quite good team for Battle Frontier, I'm up to Pokemon Contest things.

The Pokemon that would gain the paintings would be obtained by a Double Corruption from Seedot (or Nuzleaf).
Seedot would need the League's Ribbon, 14 or 15 Friendship, Flash as 4th Move, as well as 6 PP Max (1 in Move 2, 2 in Move 3, 3 in Move 4).
The species of the desired Pokemon would be obtained with Seedot's HP and Atk EVs, so it can be nearly every Pokemon.
This Pokemon would also get back the exact moveset Seedot have.

The reculting Pokemon would have Master or Hyper Ribbons in every Contest category, allowing him to participate in every Master Contest directly, and he would have Contest Stats of 66/136/00/128/00, with 00 in Feel.
Thus, that Pokemon could eat as many Pokemon as a raw one, and he would have access to a very good movepool since Seedot and Nuzleaf have quite different ones.

And there, the page is mainly blank : what kind of strategy should be adopted in order to get the artist at the end of the contest ? (In RS, he apparently appeared when you made a certain score on Master, maybe as well as winning)
Someone told be about : One 4 star move of the good category - One 4 star move of another category (not disliked) - One move to get first/last - One move to annoy others / ??.
There is also a nice list of combos that could be achieved, if we are able to include them in the regular strategy (as with two 4 stars moves you make oftenly more stars than with a combo).

Also, how much contest stats would that Pokemon need ?
One rare berry can be obtained from the BerryMaster wife, and some event berries could be obtained with a double Double Corruption (which would require another Double Corruption, but it might be useful), so really good Pokeblocks could be made.
Also, Pokeblocks can be corrupted and gain 64 or 5 in Cuteness from that.
I normally have a recipe for nearly perfect Contest stats, but this requires 2 Corrupted Pokeblocks, and I up to one could be achieved by duplicating Master Balls (and Rare Candies if it didn't work before), as the recipe only requires 6/7/8 Pokeblocks.

We could maybe try to get a scarf or two from Double Corruption or with maxxed contest stat, if this does something when your contest stat is maxxed, that is.

Pokemon Contest Mechanics : http://upcarchive.playker.info/0/upokec ... ntest.html

However, I don't have the Master Rank list of trainers in Emerald, so if this can help (as certain Pokemon would have really annoying moves), I could make it.

But first, if you have any suggestion or idea related to a winning strategy for Master Rank contests and museum painting with a single Pokemon that would have 3 Moves from Seedot/Nuzleaf and Flash, this would help greatly.
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