Pokemon ruby speedrun - no mudkip - advice needed

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Pokemon ruby speedrun - no mudkip - advice needed

Post by the_pwner » Tue Feb 09, 2016 12:48 am

Hello fellow Pokemon lovers,
I really need help from the masters, fans, speedrunners and hobby players! My friends and I are about to make a little Pokemon Speedrun-Torunament in a month or so and because we are all the freaks that we are, I tried to train a little bit so that I can win. I posted this in other forums too but people where quite unfriendly so I'll give it a try here! To start with:

I can do a Sapphire Mudkip Speedrun in about 3 hours (+ - 10 minutes) so I know the basics of where to go, what to do and how to dodge spinners.

But the friend who is hosting our privat tournament made some new rules for this one, so that it is more difficult. The rules are:

1) Pokemon Ruby
2) No Mudkip
3) No Trading from other Editions/games
4) No Cheats Glitches Etc.

I than tried to do my sapphire mudkip speedrun as usual, just with the following rules above and I faced a lot of problems, considering the Editions change to Ruby and the Pokemon change to Torchic or Treecko. First I went with Treeko, but it is almost impossible to win the second rival (which is actually the third, speedrunners will know what I mean) and team Magma is a huge Problem for my little plant.
Playing as Torchic things get a lot easier, but still I only manage to make the same run that I am used to in 6:30h - 7:15h depending on my luck and motivation. This is still 3 ours to long in my opinions...
After I few runs I figured out where my major problems are:

1) Torchic is super weak in the first gym! (-30 minutes)
To compensate that, I had to train it to level 16, so that it can learn doublekick. This is where I lost 30-40 minutes compared to my usually mudkip runs by the time I arrived at Mauville. From this point on, every battle is very easy till the 7. gym. So Training it to 16 before the first gym is a lot quicker than trying to force your way with torchic and ember. Still a 40 minutes loss here.

2) Mossdeep City Gym (-1hour)
This ist where I almost loose 1h to beat the gym leader. There is NO WAY that my Blaziken can Oneshot the Lunaton and Solaton, My bird on the other hand is a oneshot for the Attack Psychic (which they are always using first). Normally they both choose the Psychic Attack and target my Blaziken First so that it dies. Because I am doing a speedrun, I do not have a second trained Pokemon at that time. If they (for some reason) do NOT use psysich on my Blaziken, I can always win the fight. That chance is very small though and It usually takes an hour before it happens. This is sooo frustrating, and I don't know how I can influence that.

3) 8 Gym (-1hour)
A firepokemon in the 8 Gym full of Icebeam, Surf and other water attacks? You know what I mean. Very hard to beat.

4) Elite 4 (-1h - 1:30h)
In sapphire, I normalle use my Mudkip till the last fight against the Team Aqua and than I would change to Kyogre (which I also use for the 8 gym because of thundershock). But I got the same Problem here: Groudon is a ground Typ and it gets almost one shottet by Ice beams and Surfs but on the other hand, it can't learn this two attacks. Usually I wreck the Elite 4 with a Kyogre, Icebeam Surf, Hydropump, Thundershock.
The only attack of these 4 that my Groudon can learn is thundershock and I always have to revive, switch, heal, restore, revive, and so on, because of its weaknesses.

My Solutions till now: I tried to catch a Garados. Yeah, this is probably the only thing that I thought of. So I made a detour to get Ice Beam and a Super Rod and got a Garados Level 43 befor the 8 Gym. (This detour is actually very short and only takes 15-20 minutes). With the Garados I saved about 40 minutes of time so I had a net win of 20 minutes. WIth the elite 4 on the other hand, I really sucked cause it's defenses are so low compared to the legendary ones...

So my questions here is: Does anyone know how to speed things up? Suggestions, knowledge, hints, I will take everything into consideration and try it out. Maybe it's faster to take a totally different route in Ruby? I don't know...

Thanks for all your help,
sorry for the long post,
here is a potato for all my fellow 9gagers!

Have nice day

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Re: Pokemon ruby speedrun - no mudkip - advice needed

Post by Exarion » Tue Feb 09, 2016 6:23 am

1) This is a good approach, but it shouldn't take 30-40 extra minutes. I'd suggest watching Ryziken's Emerald PB with Torchic to find improvements: http://www.twitch.tv/ryziken/v/34165081

2) This is a tougher fight in Sapphire than Emerald. I'd try to get to Lv. 40 and/or get a Sunny Day off from Castform. Definitely buy Revives. Note that the AI favors attacking Pokemon that it can OHKO.

3) Groudon should beat this gym easily with Earthquake or Solarbeam.

4) Groudon can handle the E4 easily, although Drake is a slow fight. See this thread for details: viewtopic.php?f=27&t=326
Twitch channel: http://www.twitch.tv/exarionu
Pokemon Red speedrunning guide: http://pastebin.com/CkVA5yvJ

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Re: Pokemon ruby speedrun - no mudkip - advice needed

Post by Keizaron » Tue Feb 09, 2016 2:20 pm

the_pwner wrote:A firepokemon in the 8 Gym full of Icebeam, Surf and other water attacks? You know what I mean. Very hard to beat.
Groudon isn't Fire.

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Re: Pokemon ruby speedrun - no mudkip - advice needed

Post by the_pwner » Fri Feb 12, 2016 12:10 pm

I tried everything you said and well... it worked! I was able to do the run in 4 hours which is a very good time for me and I am happy with that. I also watched the speedrun you posted but I do not have that truckload full of luck.
I tried the run now 20 times and I usually have 3-4 encounters to my first rival battle in the few gras areas... he's got zero! I don't know where you can buy that much luck! :P
Thanks for your help Exarion and thanks for the clarification Keizaron, I mixed up the types but my point stays relevant. One Ice Beam kills my groudon almost everytime, or it gets frozen, which is almost the same!


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