Major Time Save in Gold (and other Route Notes)

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Re: Major Time Save in Gold (and other Route Notes)

Post by entrpntr » Mon Apr 27, 2015 5:30 am

I've done a few runs, and a lot of low-level testing and think I've found pretty much everything I'm going to find. I've posted my current notes here: ... sp=sharing. Some things aren't accurate (e.g. menus were based on 1 test run and I've been too lazy to update them), and there may be some minor things I flip-flop on in the future, but I'll change those things in the notes rather than posting here.

These notes are primarily for my own sake; you should have a solid understanding of the basic route because I definitely don't spell everything out here. However, there's useful information regardless of level; for instance, the fight strats & PP route can probably be universally followed.

That said, noteworthy things that are new:

2 Super Repels after S.S. Aqua (instead of 1 Super / 1 Max)

Instead of scrolling through the menu for a Max Repel, you can actually get 2 Super Repels to last from S.S. Aqua to to Power Plant. You can walk into Hiker Jim's vision (rather than biking 6 tiles to/from in order to talk to him), and as long as you waste no more than 6 tiles, you'll make it to the last grass tile before the second Super Repel wears off. The Rock Tunnel movement I'm trying now only wastes 2 tiles in Rock Tunnel; I've gotten it consistently in practice (but failed miserably in the only run I tried it). In any event, I'd personally rather deal with tight movement than tight menuing, and the time save for 2 Super Repels should be more like 0.8 seconds rather than 0.3 seconds (not including the steps saved in Rock Tunnel) vs waiting until Route 6 to Repel.

Misty fight

Returning Golduck and X Attacking on Quagsire should be the preferred play. Quagsire will always (?) ALMOST ALWAYS Amnesia, which is 1.5 seconds faster than taking a Psychic from Golduck (EDIT: apparently Quaggy has a very small chance to Earthquake). Add in 20 extra HP to heal off + the possibility of crits / "special defense fell" text, and it's anywhere between 2-4 seconds. 12 atk DV makes Return a guaranteed kill; at 7 atk DV, Return is still 87.2% to kill with a non-crit, and 5-6 atk DV are still > 80%, so it is likely always the best play (extra turn only sets you back ~6 seconds).

Lance's fight (situational, risky)

You should be able to get plenty of runs from Heal House to Lance without having to use a Full Restore (except possibly 1 on Will's lead Xatu) and still be somewhere in the 65-100 HP range. If you're going for a real good time (say, sub-3:20), you'll probably want to try to avoid wasting the time to Full Restore here if possible.

Returning Gyarados will usually do > 65%, which puts Flail at 80 power (~30 HP). Using Strength turn 1 instead will mean it will only be 40 power (~15 HP), and Strength still kills it with a crit if your atk DV is 11+ (10 atk DV = 92.3%). Gyarados appears to use Surf (~15 HP)/Flail with equal likelihood, and uses Hyper Beam (~48 dmg) occasionally; on Hyper Beam, you should be X Speeding, and so long as you hit the range on the L50 Dragonite, you won't take anymore damage. So basically the aim is to avoid healing if your HP after Flail/Surf will be above Aerodactyl's Hyper Beam kill range (varies from 42-48 depending on your defense). Strength removes the risk of Flail dealing extra damage and should make entering the Lance fight with low HP a bit more viable.


There may be more minor stuff that slipped my mind, but those are the only things that haven't been mentioned and save more than frames. If you see anything in my notes that doesn't make sense, let me know and I can clarify/fix them.
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Re: Major Time Save in Gold (and other Route Notes)

Post by entrpntr » Mon May 25, 2015 9:33 pm

Mom wrote:By the way, do you know how to use the PHONE? Don't you just turn the POKéGEAR on and select the PHONE icon? Phone numbers are stored in memory. Just choose a name you want to call. Gee, isn't that convenient?
^ Tutorial for the beginning player? Or hint to speedrunners?

Ryziken mentioned that he found it faster to call mom while already in the menu rather than waiting for her call on Route 31 and I agree with his timings. I am always pause buffering at Don to use/give Berries, which presents an opportune chance to check in with the old lady. The only time it would make sense to not do this is if Don gets stuck and you don't need to heal Toto or give it a Berry before Spearow (not very likely); otherwise you'll need to enter the menu at some point.

I was finding it about 0.7 seconds faster to call from the menu. Comparison videos:

(1) Letting mom call: ... oreMom.mp4
(2) Calling mom:


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