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Change to Current Route

Post by Keizaron » Thu Oct 23, 2014 10:04 pm

So I had tweeted this idea to Werster a month or so back and totally forgot to share it with the forums, but since there are a few people I know who are starting to pick up Gold, I figured I'd share this.

Normally, you'd set the time to 9:00 - 9:59 AM depending on who's notes you use, right? This time allows an opportunity to catch Sentret, Bellsprout, or Sandshrew as your Cut slave. A better time to use (and this is for if you are EXTREMELY unlucky) would be 5:30 PM. This still allows a chance at Sentret, Bellsprout, and Sandshrew, but this also allows you a chance at an Oddish in Ilex Forest if you were to somehow not have a Cut slave by then (I think Oddish is like 60% at night in Gold?).


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