WIP Low Experience Route for Top Times

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WIP Low Experience Route for Top Times

Post by tikevin83 » Mon Apr 10, 2017 4:15 pm

The consolidated route I've posted on this forum is still applicable for race strategies and for achieving a sub-2 hour RTA run, but some new mid/late-game strategies have been found by routing around having a Nido with specifically 15 DV attack and 14 DV speed.
Basically, the route fronts 2x candying and Carbos to after Silph Arbok to skip x speed on Silph Rival, then fights Sabrina before Koga and after going through the Safari Zone because it is slightly faster to bike to Sabrina and the experience saves time in Koga's gym. At Koga's first Juggler, because we can save Thrash by teaching Rock Slide over Bubblebeam and teaching Eearthquake over Rock Slide, we can then EQ+Thrash with no ranges involved. The increased levels/saving Thrash also removes the potential for a Thunderbolt range on Hypno. In Pallet Town you can teach Surf and a single rare candy and use a repel in the bottom corner tile next to the water, and the repel will last to the exact tile where you pick up Blizzard. This allows you to skip getting both rare candies in the mansion and only menu once in the mansion. It also opens up the potential to not menu in Giovanni's gym. The tradeoffs for being at these lower levels are the potential for L48 onix encounters in Victory Road, a riskier Agatha fight, and a Blizzard range on Champion's Sandslash. All combined, these changes amount to about 20 seconds of potential timesave and 10/12 seconds of median/average timesave.
The route also allows for vaporeon starts by fighting top hiker and getting his elixer to refill horn drill PP for the champion fight.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/2alksdsn9we5d ... .docx?dl=0


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