Pokemon Yellow 128 Pokemon: Glitchless Notes (Max%)

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Pokemon Yellow 128 Pokemon: Glitchless Notes (Max%)

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Having seen Shenanagan's 124 Glitchless run of Pokemon Blue, I was inspired to make one for Yellow. But, my notes probably aren't fully optimized yet, so, I decided I'd post what I have so far. If any of you (perhaps Shenanagans) have any interest in this kind of run, then here they are. The beginning hour or so of the game is, of course, heavily inspired by the current Any% Glitchless route, but it starts to deviate significantly once we get Bulbasaur. So, here goes...

- Buy 12 Poke Balls, 1 Paralyz Heal, and 3 Antidotes

- DSum: http://imgur.com/Ol8ubxG
- Get Pidgey, Ratatta, and Nidoran F while you're doing this

- Switch Nidoran to the front immediately to kill the turn frame
- Get all of the items here except for the Potion near the bottom left corner of the forest. That one is perhaps too far out of the way.
- Bug Catcher 1: Leer x2, Tackle x3-4, Leer, Tackle x4
- Heal to 12+ HP
- Catch a Pidgey if you see it (HA to weaken; Tackle if Lv. 4 vs. Lv. 10 Nido)
- Catch a Caterpie, and also a Metapod if you manage to find it (if you get a Metapod, that saves you time you would have otherwise had to spend switch in an Elite 4 battle)
- Bug Catcher 2: (Switch HA to slot 1), HA x3, HA x4
- Heal to 9+ HP (11+ with bad Defense)
- Bug Catcher 3: HA x4
- In the house, heal to 27+ HP unless taking center

- Take the center and deposit everyone but Nidoran and Pikachu only if you have <13 Horn Attacks.
- (Yes, Pikachu needs to still be with you, because we need Bulbasaur)

- Jr. Trainer: HA+Tackle, Leer+HA+Tackle+HA (may need to use 3 HAs if first range was bad)
- Brock: Double Kick x2-3, Leer x2, Double Kick x2
> Bide usually does 18

- Buy 13-14x Pokeballs depending on whether you beat your Rival.

- Bug Catcher: HA x2, HA+Tackle, HA x2
- Shorts Guy: DK, HA x2
- Lass: DK, HA+Tackle
- Bug Catcher: HA+Tackle, HA+HA+Tackle
> Tackle to weaken unless L12 (HA)
- Take the center, deposit Pikachu, and buy the Magikarp

- With good Attack, kill 1 Geodude. With bad Attack, kill 2 Zubats
- Catch two Clefairy's (mandatory), and also try to catch Zubat, Geodude, Paras, and Sandshrew, depending on what you think best.
- Get all of the items here, except the Escape Rope, and the hidden Ether (requires fighting a Rocket)
- Use Moon Stone two steps before the Super Nerd
- Super Nerd: HA x2, HA+DK, HA x2
- Get the Helix Fossil (Omanyte has an AMAZING Special stat!)
- Jessie & James: HA x2, DK, HA x3

- Get Great Ball and TM04
- Catch Mankey, Spearow, and Sandshrew here

- Use a Potion on your full HP Pikachu about 16-17 times before finally getting your Bulbasaur.
- Take center here, heal up, deposit Pikachu and another Pokemon, and Withdraw Bulbasaur.
- Get the Rare Cand, switch your Bulbasaur into the lead, and change the Battle Style to Shift.

- Cerulean Rival: Keep putting Bulbasaur in front to get him experience. Other than that, HA x2, HA+HA+DK, DK x2 (sacrifice flier if Sand-Attacked twice)
- NB Trainer 1: Have Bulbasaur go first against Caterpie, then switch to Nidoking and destroy with Horn Attack. After that, switch Bulbasaur back in, and Leech Seed + Tackle.
- Switch Battle Style to Set
- NB Trainer 2: HA
- NB Trainer 3: DK + HA 4x
- NB Trainer 4: HA + Tackle + HA 2x
- NB Trainer 5: HA + Tackle
- Rocket: 3x HA

- Get Charmander and TM 45
- Hiker: Vine Whip
- Get hidden Elixer
- Lass: Horn Attack + Tackle + HA 2x
- Hiker: VW 2x + Switch to Nido + HA 2x + Switch to Bulba + VW
- Put Charmander in the 1st slot
- Lass: 3x Ember + Switch to Nido + HA + Switch to Charm + 3x Ember.
- Set Battle Style to Set
- Get hidden Ether.
- Get the S.S. Ticket, then walk back to Cerulean

- Take the Poke Center (Nido is probably heavily injured)
- Swimmer: 4x Vine Whip
- Jr. Trainer: Switch to Nido + HA 2x
- Misty: VW 6x (Fortunately, the Stars usually limit themselves to Tackle and Harden, since Bulby is Grass Type).

- Take the center
- Rocket: HA 4x
- Teach Dig to Charmander and put him in front.

- Drop off Magikarp at the Day Care Center.
- Perhaps catch Jigglypuff and Abra here? Probably can just wait till Route 8.
- Get Full Restore and X-Special in underground
- Bug Catcher: Use X-Special, and Ember Butterfree.
- Bug Catcher: Spam Ember
- Jr. Trainer: Ember Weepinbell until it uses Growth, then use Dig (this'll evolve Charmander).
- Switch lead to Nidoking
- Jr. Trainer: HA 3x
- Jr. Trainer: Thrash

- Sell a bunch of your disposable items, but keep the Potions, PokeBalls, Antidotes, Rare Candies, the Moon Stone, the Ether, the TM11, and the Full Restore
- Buy 40x Poke Balls, 24 Super Potions, and 4 Repels.

-Switch Ivysaur into the lead, set Battle Style to Shift, and use a Repel
-Catch a Level 19 Drowzee

- Go down into the eastern cabins, and follow my lead.
- Go into the first room and get the Max Potion.
- Go into the second room
- East Sailor: VW 3x + Tackle + Switch to Char + Dig
- West Sailor: VW 2x
- Go into the third room, pick up Ether.
- Sailor: VW + Tackle + VW + Tackle + VW + Tackle
- Switch Char into the lead
- Go into the fourth room, get TM44
- Sailor: Dig + VW 2x
- Use Ether on Vine Whip and teach Charmeleon Rest (I grind a lot of levels for him on Cycling Road, and they have a nasty habit of poisoning you. But with Rest + Poke Flute, he's pretty much sitting pretty)
- Go into the fifth room
- Fisherman: Dig + Switch to Ivy + VW + Tackle + VW.
- Replace Growl with Poison Powder
- Go back onto the main deck
- Assuming we start from the east side, go into the first room.
- Gentleman: Dig 2x
- Go into second room
- Gentleman: Dig 2x + Scratch (consider using Rest here)
- Go into fifth room, and aggro Youngster in a way that blocks the western Lass.
- Youngster: Dig
- Get TM08, and teach Body Slam to Ivysaur over Tackle
- Put Ivy into the 1st slot and head up the flight of stairs
- Assuming we start from the west side, go into the second room
- Fisherman: VW + Switch to Char + Dig + Switch to Ivy, VW
- Set Battle Style to Set
- Use Ether on Dig, and put Char into the 1st slot and use
- Dig 2x + Ember
- Get Max Ether and go into the fourth room.
- Gentleman: Dig + Rest + Dig
- Lass: Dig 2x
- Rival: Ember 2x + Dig + Ember 3x + Dig + Ember + Rest + Ember

- Teach Cut to Charmeleon
- Get Bike Voucher

- Trash cans: http://wiki.pokemonspeedruns.com/index.php/Trash_Cans
- Rocker: Dig 3x
- Use Max Ether on Dig
- Sailor: Dig
- Gentleman: Dig 2x
- Put Ivysaur in the 1st slot, and heal up Nidoking.
- Switch to Nidoking, use Thrash

- Get Squirtle
- Go into center, DO NOT HEAL, and put Clefairy, Pidgey, and Squirtle into your party
- Teach Squirtle Bubblebeam
- Deposit Helix Fossil, S.S. Ticket, HM01, and TM24

PARTY MAKEUP: Ivysaur, Charmeleon, Squirtle, Pidgey, Clefairy, Drowzee

- Put Drowzee in the front. If the Diglett is below Lvl 19, just chuck balls. If it's not, use Hypnosis the moment it uses Dig.
- After catching Diglett, put Char in the 1st slot and use a Repel.
- Try to catch Dugtrio, hopefully putting it to sleep with Drowzee if Charmeleon bites it.
- Get Mr. Mime
- Get HP Up and Moon Stone before finally using Dig in Viridian Forest.

- Take the center.
- Get the bike
- Put Drowzee in Slot 1
- Swap slot 1 item with bike, then bike to Route 9

- Jr. Trainer: Confusion x8 (hopefully you still have one Paralyz Heal leftover, and 1-2x Antidotes, otherwise, you'll resort to using the Full Restore)
- Set Battle Style to Shift
- Hiker: Confusion 2x + Switch to Squirtle + BB
- Set Battle Style to Set
- Switch Squirtle to 1st slot
- Hiker: BB 3x
- Switch Drowzee to 1st slot
- Bug Catcher: Confusion 4x
- Switch Ivy into 1st slot and take detour for Ether
- Youngster: VW 2x
- Switch Drowzee into 1st slot
- Bug Catcher: Confusion 4x
- Get Ether
- Set Battle Style to Shift
- Switch Squirtle into 1st slot
- Hiker: Bubblebeam + Switch to Ivysaur + VW 3x (Ivy needs to be almost Level 30 by the time we fight Giovanni in Rocket Hideout) + Switch to Squirtle + BB (should evolve into Wartortle)
- Take center
- Get Super Potion and Repel before Rock Tunnel

- Catch a Machop at some point here, and Onix if you find it here
- Pokemaniac: BB + Switch to Ivy + VW 2x
- Put Ivy into 1st slot.
- Switch Battle Style to Set
- Pokemaniac: VW 3x
- Put Drowzee into 1st slot
- Jr. Trainer: Confusion 4x
- Put Wartortle into 1st slot
- Pokemaniac: BB 4x
- Put Ivysaur into 1st slot
- Hiker: VW
- Repel again before going downstairs
- Hiker: VW + Body Slam 2x + VW
- Hiker: VW + Ether on Vine Whip + VW 2x
- Hiker: VW 2x
- Go downstairs
- Hiker: VW 3x
- Pokemaniac: VW + BS + VW + BS + VW + BS
- Go downstairs
- Put Drowzee into 1st slot
- Lass: 6x Confusion

- Get Max Ether and use it on Vine Whip
- Hiker: VW 2x
- Hiker: VW 2x
- Pokemaniac: VW 2x + BS

- Take the center and put Wartortle in the 1st slot
- Gambler: BB 4x
- Put Drowzee in the 1st slot
- Supernerd: Confusion 6x (replace Disable with Headbutt)
- Lass (the top one): Confusion 3x
- Put Ivysaur into 1st slot
- Gambler: VW 4x
- Get the underground Elixer and Nugget

- Take the center (free heal AND set as a warp point)
- Get the Eevee (possible movement optimizations to be made. Perhaps save Eevee for a time when you're going to Fly out of Celadon immediately after?)
- Enter Celadon Game Corner.
- Put Ivysaur into 1st slot.
- Rocket: BS 3x (teach Razor Leaf over Leech Seed)
- Put Drowzee into the 1st slot
- Get all of the items in Rocket Hideout (except Escape Rope)
- Rocket: Confusion 2x (he guards the TM10 and a Nugget)
- Jesse & James: Confusion 5x (should evolve into Hypno)
- Put Ivysaur into 1st slot
- Giovanni: RL 3x
- Dig outta there
- Take the center
- Deposit Moon Stone x3 and Lift Key
- Throw away Antidote if you have any left over
- Enter the mart through the left door
- Shopping:
> Take elevator to 5F
> 5F: Sell HP Ups, TM30, Nuggets, TM10, TM02, Hyper Potion, and Iron
- Buy 28x X-Accuracies and 10x X-Speeds
> 6F: Buy all three drinks, trade them for TMs, then buy second Fresh Water
> 4F: Sell TM48 and TM49
- Buy Poke Doll, 2x Fire Stones, 4x Water Stones, and 3x Leaf Stones
> 3F: Get TM18
> 2F: Sell TM18
- Buy another TM07, then buy 14 Super Repels
- Get HM02, then open the menu and do the following:
> Swap slot 2 item with Super Repels
> Teach Fly to flier
> Swap slot 3 item with Super Potions
> Swap slot 4 item with Super Repels
> Fly to Lavender

- Take center
- Deposit ONE of the TM07's, TM13, Poke Doll (for Mimic TM later), 2x Fire Stones, 4x Water Stones, and 3x Leaf Stones
- Lavender Rival: BS 2x, RL 4x (should evolve into Venusaur)
- Put Charmeleon into 1st slot and use Super Repel
- Get ALL of the items here except the Escape Rope and the Awakening
- Channeler: Dig 2x
- Enter healing zone and go up the flight of stairs and challenge the first channeler you see (she has THREE Gastly's making her a good source of EXP. Plus, she's an X-Accuracy)
- Channeler: Dig 3x
- Channeler: Dig
- Channeler: Dig
- Put Ivysaur into the 1st slot
- Marowak Ghost: RL
- Put Charmeleon into the 1st slot
- Jessie & James: Dig + Ember + Dig + Ember + Dig 2x + Ember
- If you still haven't caught Gastly and Haunter yet, put Hypno into the 1st slot, and keep Super Repel active (reset if you've used more than 2x Super Repels in your search).
- Put Gastly and catch
- Put Lvl 29 Haunter to sleep, use Confusion, and catch (may need a Super Potion)

- Take center
- Change boxes and deposit Ivysaur
- Withdraw Haunter
- Deposit Silph Scope
- After getting the Poke Flute, go back to Route 8, and catch Abra and Jigglypuff (don't catch Pidgeotto).
- After catching the above two, use a Super Repel to flush out a Level 27 Kadabra
- Enter Saffron City

- Get TM29
- Fly to Celadon

- Get the Coin Case and PP Up. Use a PP Up on Dig
- Bike to the Snorlax
- Snorlax: X-Accuracy + Hypnosis + Confusion 4x (assumes no criticals) + Catch

- Find the guy with 2 Lvl 28 Weezings and 1 Lvl 28 Koffing
- Biker: Dig 3x + Ember + Dig 2x
- Find the Biker immediately above that one, to the westmost end of the six-pack
- Rest + Dig 4x
- Use Elixer on Charmeleon, get the hidden Full Restore, and find the guy with the Lvl 29 Weezing and Muk
- Biker: Dig 4x (use an Elixer on the last one)
- Get the hidden Max Revive
- Challenge the guy nearest to the split that you went down. Should have a Lvl 33 Muk
- Biker: Dig 2x
- Go to the guy with 2 Lvl 29 Voltorbs (just south of the grass patch)
- Use Super Repel, get the hidden Rare Candy, and hunt for Lvl 32 Ponyta. After that, fetch the Lvl 29 Dodrio (Haunter is just the right level for chasing away Spearows and Doduos without chasing away Dodrios as well), Fearow, and a Doduo
- Get the hidden PP Up on your way down to the southmost Biker
- Biker: Dig 2x + Ember + Dig 3x + Ember (replace Ember with Slash)
- Find the hidden Max Elixer

- Take the center
- Deposit Miles and Pidgey
- Deposit Coin Case
- Withdraw one Leaf Stone
- Put Haunter in slot 1

- Use Super Repel and flush out Lvl 32 Pidgeotto (use X-Accuracy w/ Hypnosis and Nightshade), Lvl 30 Weepinbell, Lvl 30 Gloom, and Lvl 30 Venomoth. Don't use Nightshade on any of the sleepers you catch, as you'll want them at full HP for Farfetch'd later on. And on that note, don't bother with Nightshade on Venomoth either, because it has Confusion.
- Use Leafstone on the first sleeper you caught, then go and catch Oddish, Bellsprout, and Venonat (well, you could wait until Safari Zone for Venonant I guess).
- When all that is done, put Charmeleon into the 1st slot, get TM20, and fight the eastern Biker (he's right next to a western one)
- Biker: Dig 3x + Slash + Dig 2x

- Fight southwesternmost Biker
- Biker: Dig 4x
- Beat up Bird Keeper guarding the PP Up
- Birdkeeper: Slash 4x + Cut + Slash (Fearow has Mirror Move)
- Get PP Up and Calcium

- Jr Trainer: Slash 5x (should evolve into Charizard!)
- Birdkeeper: Slash 2x
- Put Victreebel/Vileplume into the 1st slot, Repel, and catch Farfetch'd
- Get the Iron
- Fisherman: Slash 2x
- Get the Super Rod!
- Teach Fly over Rest, and Fly back to Fuchsia

- Take the center (don't heal yet)
- Deposit Hypno and Leaf Stone Pokemon
- Withdraw Lvl 32 Pidgeotto if you don't have it in your party
- Leave one blank space in your Party
- Change to Box 3
- Deposit HM02 and Poke Flute
- Withdraw TM13
- PokeMart: Sell the HP Up, Nugget, Iron, and ALL the TMs!
- Enter the Safari Zone

PARTY MAKE-UP: Charizard, Haunter, Wartortle, Pidgeotto

SAFARI ZONE: (Try to catch Parasect, Tangela, Nidorina, Tauros, Scyther, Pinsir, Kangaskhan, Exeggcute, Marowak, Cubone, and Rhyhorn while you're here)
- Catch Dratini and Dragonair
- Teach Ice Beam to Dragonair and teach Horn Drill over Wrap
- Use all 3 PP Ups on Horn Drill
- Grab every single item you can except for the TM32 (unfortunately, you just don't have the room for this)
- Teach Dragonair Surf over Leer
- Teach Wartortle Surf over Bubble
- Have Charizard use Dig

-Get HM04 and teach Strength over Slash on Charizard.
-Go to PokeMart and sell extraneous items before flying to Celadon Gym.

- Cut the eastern tree.
- Lass: X-Accuracy + Horn Drill 2x
- Cooltrainer: X-Accuracy + X-Speed + HD 3x
- Beauty: Ice Beam 3x (gets us an extra level on Koga)
- Erika: X-Speed (more if she lowers Speed) + X-Accuracy + HD 3x (teach Agility over Thunder Wave)
- Fly to Fuchsia Gym
- Take the center

- Challenge the optional Juggler closest to the entrance
- Juggler: X-Accuracy + HD + Agility + HD
- Juggler: X-Accuracy + HD 2x + Agility + HD 2x
- Juggler: X-Accuracy + Agility + HD 2x
- Use Max Elixer on Dragonair and save your game
- Koga: X-Accuracy + Agility + HD + Agility + HD 3x
- Get Rare Candy from Warden's House
- Go to Route 17

- Catch Shellder
- Fly to Vermilion and catch Psyduck and Golduck in Route 6
- Fly to Lavender, go south to Route 13, get TM16, and catch Horsea and Seadra
- (maybe get Slowpoke and Slowbro on this route? Slowbro is a 1% encounter on Seafoam Islands, and a 5% encounter here, but on the other hand, you can't use a Super Repel without chasing away all of the Level 15 Bros. This is because the Slowpokes are also Level 15. So, maybe Dsum for them at Seafoam Islands instead?)
- Fly to Saffron

- Put Pidgeotto in the 1st slot
- Take the center and deposit HM03 and HM04
- Sell TM21 and TM06 before entering Silph Co.

- Get everything except the Escape Rope and Full Heal as you go through here
- Go to 10F and fight the Rocket
- Rocket: Sand Attack + Wing Attack 3-4x (stay above 50 HP or so)
- Go down to 9F
- Take southeasternmost warp to 5F and fight the Rocket
- Rocket: Sand Attack + Quick Attack 5x (may die, but this is just in case Pidgeotto dies against trainer in Fighting Gym)
- Put Dragonair in 1st slot and get Card Key
- Save your game and fight Rival
- Saffron Rival: X-Accuracy + Agility + HD 5x (hope Slash doesn't kill you)
- Get Lapras and fight Jesse & James
- Jesse & James: X-Accuracy + Agility + HD 3x
- Use Elixer on Dragonair and heal up (don't need to heal Poison)
- Giovanni: X-Accuracy + Agility + HD 4x
- Get Master Ball, and Dig outta there

- Take the Center and get out the Poke Doll
- Get TM31 from Copycat Girl and teach Mimic to Pidgeotto over Whirlwind
- Enter the Fighting Dojo and clear out the topmost Grunt
- Blackbelt: WA 4x + Sand Attack + WA 2x (could possibly die against Primeape. Clean up with Dragonair if that happens)
- Put Dragonair into 1st slot and save
- Karate Master: X-Accuracy + Agility + HD 2x
- Pick Hitmonlee and head into Saffron Gym

- Take northwest warp, then southwest warp, then south warp (so basically, go counter-clockwise)
- Sabrina: X-Accuracy + Agility 2x + HD 3x
- Dig outta there
- PokeMart: Sell all your extraneous items so that way you can...
- Re-enter Silph Co. and steal EVERYTHING that isn't nailed down! Except of course, the Full Heal and Escape Rope, like I said earlier.
- Fly to Pewter City

- Sell all the extraneous items and max out on Pokeballs.
- Get Old Amber, then Fly to Pallet

- Put Haunter into the 1st slot
- Fish up a Staryu
- Use Super Repel and catch a Tentacool on your way to Cinnabar

- Take Pokecenter
- Deposit Dratini
- Deposit Card Key
- Withdraw Helix Fossil and HM03
- Get TM35
- Get Omanyte, teach it Surf, then get Aerodactyl

- Have Omanyte solo all of the Burglars (they all have fire pokemon)
- Otherwise, have Haunter in the lead for catching Growlithe (who is only catchable on 1F). In addition to that, have him help you catch Grimer, Muk, Raticate, and also Ditto if you see it (never fear though, it's in Cerulean Cave)
- And of course, get all of the items
- Teach Wartortle Blizzard over Tackle

- Take the center
- Solo all of the trainers, including Blaine, in the Gym with Surf and Omanyte (you'll have to use at least one Elixer unless you feel like going out of your way to Center heal again)
- Fly to Viridian City
- Get TM42 and head into Viridian Gym

- Save, and challenge the optional Cooltrainer south of the required one.
- Cooltrainer: Withdraw + Surf + Withdraw (Dugtrio uses Dig) + Surf
- Go fight southern Tamer
- Tamer: Surf 4x
- Fight Cooltrainer closest to Giovanni
- Cooltrainer: Withdraw 2x + Surf + WG + Surf
- Head back near the entrance and fight the mandatory Cooltrainer and Blackbelts
- Cooltrainer: Water Gun
- Heal to full and save your game
- Blackbelt: Surf + WG + Surf 2x + WG
- Heal to full, save your game, and go fight southern Blackbelt
- Blackbelt: Surf 2x + WG (should evolve to Omastar)
- Put Pidgeotto into the 1st slot, exit, and re-enter.
- Giovanni: X-Accuracy + 3 X-Speeds + Mimic for Fissure + Fissure 5x (Should evolve into Pidgeot)

- Pokemart: Sell TMs and Revive
- Take center
- Deposit Secret Key and HM03
- Deposit Pidgeot and Omastar
- Change to Box 4
- Head west

- Viridian Rival: X-Accuracy + Agility + HD 6x (Slash can kill you, but we already saved via Box Change, so it's no biggy)

- Put Haunter into 1st slot
- Fish for a Level 40 Poliwhirl and a Poliwag
- Get Max Ether
- Put Poliwhirl into 1st slot and use Repel
- Catch Nidorina and Primeape
- When catching Primeape, be careful to keep Haunter at full HP. Primeape actually CAN kill it with Seismic Toss.

- Put Wartortle into the 1st slot and save (we'll have Wartortle grinding off enemies here
- Get all of the items of course
- Water Gun for Geos and Onix's that are only about 7-10 levels above you, Bubblebeam for those 11-16 levels above, and Surf for those that are stronger than that, and Blizzard for Zubats and Golbats (but use Water Gun if you get a freeze). As for Gravelers, you can't OHKO those that are more than 20 levels above you, so be careful
- If Machoke appears, switch to Haunter, and catch it
- If Graveler appears, try to use Haunter to catch it.
- Moltres: Use X-Accuracy + Poke Flute + keep putting it to sleep till you catch it
- (not sure whether or not to leave Victory Road till Wartortle's evolved. I could wait until Cerulean Cave, but the enemy's are rather vicious there...)


- Take E4 center
- Withdraw Master Ball
- Deposit Poliwag
- Withdraw Victreebel
- Fly to Seafoam Island

- Once again, get all the items.
- Articuno: X-Accuracy, Hypnosis, catch
- Catch Seel, Dewgong, Krabby, Kingler, and Golbat
- Dig outta there
- Fly to Power Plant

- Catch Magnemite, Magneton, Voltorb, Electrode, and Zapdos (use the Master Ball on it)
- Use PP Up on Wartortle's Blizzard
- Fly back to Indigo Plateu

- Deposit everyone but Charizard and Dragonair
- Withdraw Zapdos and Articuno
- Take the center
- Sell all extraneous items
- Make sure you have 4 Full Restores
- Withdraw Poke Flute
- Put Articuno into the 1st slot and save

- Lorelei: Use Peck with Articuno, then switch to Dragonair and hope that Dewgong uses rest. If he does, do this...
>X-Accuracy + Agility + HD 5x
- Put Dragonair into 1st slot
- Save before Bruno
- Bruno: Agility + Surf + X-Accuracy + HD 2x + Surf + HD
- Use Max Ether on Horn Drill and heal Dragonair to 80+ HP
- Put Zapdos into 1st slot
- Agatha: Use Guard Spec. + Drill Peck your way to victory (tag in Articuno if Zapdos dies)
- Lance: X-Accuracy + Agility + Full Restore + Agility + HD 5x
(Gyarados will ALWAYS use Dragon Rage on Dragonair. After all, it's SUPER EFFECTIVE, right :durr: ?)
- Heal Dragonair up to full, restore Horn Drill's PP, Save
- Champion: X-Accuracy + Agility + HD 6x (make sure Dragonair has above 60 HP by the time he goes up against Flareon. It's Quick Attack can kill Dragonair)

- Turn Animations off
- Fly to Cerulean City
- Deposit Dragonair
- Withdraw Wartortle, Haunter, and Poliwhirl
- Withdraw one Water Stone, and use it on Poliwhirl
- Put Haunter in 1st slot
- Surf to Cerulean Cave

- Fish up Goldeen and Seaking (Seaking doesn't have anything that can hurt Haunter)
- Put Wartortle in the 1st slot
- Get all of the items, including the two Rare Candies
- Now, unfortunately, Wartortle is helpless against most of the enemies here, including any Graveler that outspeeds him. But he still needs to evolve, so here's what you do...

Against Golbat: Zap with Zapdos
Against Graveler: Surf if Wartortle is within 20 levels of it, switch to Haunter and hope that it uses Explosion or Self-Destruct if it's stronger than that (it knows Earthquake)
Against Sandslash: Obliterate with Articuno
Against Gloom and Weepinbel: Pick apart with Zapdos
Against Ditto: Just run. It's trash experience anyway
Against Rhyhorn: Surf (the only pokemon Wartortle consistently outspeeds)
Against Rhydon: If you want to play risky, use Surf, as this guy gives out 1806 Exp or so. Otherwise, switch to Articuno.

- In addition, switch Haunter into every new Pokemon you have to catch. Believe it or not, Graveler is the only new Pokemon you have to catch who can hurt Haunter! Well, ok, Sandslash has Poison Sting, but even with the level disadvantage, that only does about 10 Damage. So with that said...
- Use X-Accuracy to assist with catching Chansey (it has Minimize), and catch Lickitung, Rhydon, Sandslash, Chansey, and Mewtwo (Haunter has the best chance of surviving, and X-Accuracy will do him good, but you'll probably need a few resets)
- Dig outta there

- Go on an evolving spree, but only use a Rare Candy on Tentacool as you're doing so (not sure if you need to Change Boxes for the Safari Zone Pokemon. You very likely WON'T have to). Once you're all done...
- Withdraw Coin Case as you're doing all this
- Be sure to have 1 Fire Stone left over after doing all that.
- Withdraw Ponyta
- Deposit all your other Pokemon except Charizard, and go get Magikarp from the Day Care Center (man that was a while ago...)
- Use Rare Candy on Magikarp, and Fly to Celadon Game Corner

- Get the 100 Coins from one tile to the north and two tiles to the east of the right-hand side of the top of the third cluster of slot machines from the west.
- Buy another 900 Coins, and go buy Vulpix (evolve into Ninetales)
- Buy another 9999 Coins, and go buy Porygon
- Fly to Safari Zone

- Get any Pokemon you didn't get last time, and go to Indigo Plateau

- Heal here to set warp point.
- Deposit every Pokemon except Ponyta
- Teach Ponyta Horn Drill, use 3 PP Ups on Horn Drill.

- Use 2 X-Speeds + Accuracy + Horn Drill on Lorelei, and X-Accuracy + X-Speed on Bruno. Then suicide on Agatha
- Get out Mewtwo and Metapod (Caterpie works too, but Metapod is preferable)
- Teach Mewtwo Thunderbolt over Swift
- Have Ponyta defeat Lorelei and Bruno again (will evolve it into Rapidash).
- Sweep Agatha
- Have Dragonair sweep Lance for an extra level
- Use 12 Rare Candies on Dragonair to evolve it
- Evolve Metapod into Butterfree via Rival

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Re: Pokemon Yellow 128 Pokemon: Glitchless Notes (Max%)

Post by gifvex » Mon Feb 08, 2016 4:20 pm

You can trade a Cubone for a Machoke that then evolves (you get both in dex) on Route 5.

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Re: Pokemon Yellow 128 Pokemon: Glitchless Notes (Max%)

Post by Keizaron » Mon Feb 08, 2016 6:22 pm

I think I see Dragonair evolved twice?

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Re: Pokemon Yellow 128 Pokemon: Glitchless Notes (Max%)

Post by Fionordequester » Mon Feb 08, 2016 6:27 pm

Keizaron wrote:I think I see Dragonair evolved twice?
Oh, whoops. Yeah, that was an artifact from earlier on. Then I realized that I would want another Rare Candy to evolve Magikarp in addition to the one I used for Tentacool :lol: .

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Re: Pokemon Yellow 128 Pokemon: Glitchless Notes (Max%)

Post by luckytyphlosion » Tue Feb 09, 2016 9:04 pm

There are higher level Tentacools in Seafoam Island while surfing (minimum level 20), so you should catch one there instead.
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Re: Pokemon Yellow 128 Pokemon: Glitchless Notes (Max%)

Post by Fionordequester » Wed Feb 10, 2016 2:45 am

luckytyphlosion wrote:There are higher level Tentacools in Seafoam Island while surfing (minimum level 20), so you should catch one there instead.
Oh, thank you Lucky, and thank you Gifvex. Btw, what do you all think of the way I leveled up Venusaur and Charizard? Are there any more efficient ways that you can think of? I went out of my way for a lot of them, but I was concerned about their ability to stand up to later foes. They're not as fortunate as Pidgeotto and Dragonair were in getting OHKO moves, after all.

Thinking about it more though, I wonder if I should've saved Omastar training for Cerulean Cave, rather than having Wartortle try and manage his way through it? Omastar's much better defensively, and he'd most certainly be able to OHKO Rhyhorn and Graveler, possibly even Rhydon. But on the other hand, Wartortle would probably have a much harder time against Blaine...

What do you all think?

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Re: Pokemon Yellow 128 Pokemon: Glitchless Notes (Max%)

Post by luckytyphlosion » Thu Feb 11, 2016 2:05 am

I'm not exactly sure whether grinding the three starters and other Pokémon on earlier-game trainers is better than doing the grinding on the Elite Four, but I may be wrong. I'm leaning towards Elite Four grind, but you'll have to test it out yourself.
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Re: Pokemon Yellow 128 Pokemon: Glitchless Notes (Max%)

Post by Shenanagans » Sun Feb 14, 2016 7:24 pm

I'll probably sit down and look this over/route it myself at some point. Generally you want to do all grinding later in the game (both catching and leveling).

For example beating an entire trainer early game with charmander will get you about 500-1000 exp, and take 3-4 extra turns. Beating lorelai with mewtwo + charmander switching after every poke will take 5 extra turns, but yield about 4000 experience.

I'm not exactly sure what the dragonair route will look like, but it gets horndrill super low level so it can probably destroy the early game.

If you need to save candies most water types are pretty easy to evolve because how OP surf is. Seel, psyduck, tenta, omanyte, and wartortle are all very powerful once you give them surf.

Candying dragonair is generally a bad idea, because it is so fast to level him on lorelai + bruno once it hits around level 45. xacc + drill (use agility on slowbro to outspeed jynx if you need to) surf + ice beam bruno. Those candys would be way better to use to get other more annoying pokemon a quick level up.

Might be a good idea to do seafoam before blaine's gym so you can evolve water pokemon there. Not sure.

Just some general strategy lol. I was planning on doing a run of this sometime in the future, but I havent really sat down to route it yet.
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Re: Pokemon Yellow 128 Pokemon: Glitchless Notes (Max%)

Post by eddaket » Fri Feb 19, 2016 12:27 pm

Unrelated to the route, but just so it isn't missed. You can get Machamp by trading a Cubone for Machoke on Route 5 which makes the total 129 pokes. gifvex alluded to it but didn't outright say that you get Machamp.

Like shen I'll probably look over the route at some point. Definitely something I considered looking at before.


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