Route 1 to 2 DSum

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Route 1 to 2 DSum

Post by Exarion » Thu Oct 08, 2015 5:28 am

This is a fairly rough step-based chart based on raw testing. The numbers below assume you get an encounter on the last possible tile of Route 1 and begin counting steps on the first grass tile of Route 2. If your last Route 1 encounter was earlier than the last tile, begin counting steps immediately, but pause the count between the last Route 1 tile and the first Route 2 grass tile.

The tree Potion takes approximately 18 steps to pick up, and it's a better use of those 18 steps than just walking back and forth on Route 2. You could also buy a Paralyz Heal in Viridian (~8 steps) if you want to weaken Nidoran with Thundershock.

Any L3 Pidgey: 10 out, 11 in, 11 out, search
L3 Pidgey (slot 1): Get tree Potion, 14 out, 11 in, repeat 34/12
L4 Pidgey: Get tree Potion, 5 out, 11 in, repeat 34/12
L2 Rattata: 15 out, 10 in, repeat 35/11
L3 Rattata: 9 out, 10 in, repeat 35/11
L2 Pidgey: 5 out, 10 in, repeat 35/11
L3 Pidgey (slot 6): 10 in, repeat 35/11
L5 Pidgey: 6 in, repeat 35/11
L4 Rattata: 4 in, repeat 35/11
L6 Pidgey: 2 in, repeat 36/10
L7 Pidgey: 1 in, repeat 36/10

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Re: Route 1 to 2 DSum

Post by tikevin83 » Wed Jun 29, 2016 7:33 am

An interesting note is that the DSUM tends to be less accurate when an encounter occurs further away from the last patch. the following are the average actual step offsets for the 5 grass patches:
Patch 1: 42 steps
Patch 2: 36 steps
Patch 3: 26 steps
Patch 4: 8 steps
Patch 5: (count last few steps)

But if your only DSUM information is an L3 Pidgey in patch 1, you're probably better off ignoring that and searching immediately at route 2 for better information.


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