All TMs%

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All TMs%

Post by Aldrasio » Fri Jul 15, 2016 12:30 am

There are 50 TMs (not counting TMs 51-55). There are 50 item slots in the PC. How about a category where you try to collect the TMs, rather than Pokemon?

Right now I'm thinking ACE would be the fastest way to accomplish this. I worked out the following inventory which can be used with 8F to put one of each TM in the PC:
  1. 8F
  2. (any item)
  3. X Accuracy x58
  4. Carbos x213
  5. Awakening x50
  6. Super Potion x6
  7. TM01 x121
  8. Water Stone x120
  9. Water Stone x175
  10. Fresh Water x4
  11. Ice Heal x32
  12. TM47 x34
  13. Max Revive x255
  14. Potion x201
This corresponds to the following code:

Code: Select all

WRA1:d322 2e 3a            ld   l,3a
WRA1:d324 26 d5            ld   h,d5    ; Initiates HL to point to the Item PC
WRA1:d326 0e 32            ld   c,32    ; 50 Decimal, works as a counter and as a Item PC Number
WRA1:d328 13               inc  de      ; padding
WRA1:d329 06 c9            ld   b,c9    ; TM01
WRA1:d32b 79               ld   a,c     ; Loads 50 into A register
WRA1:d32c 22               ldi  (hl),a  ; First iteration, tells PC it has 50 items
                                        ; after that, loads 1 into each Item Quantity address
WRA1:d32d 78               ld   a,b     ; Load TM value into A...
WRA1:d32e 22               ldi  (hl),a  ; ...then put that TM in the PC
WRA1:d32f af               xor  a
WRA1:d330 3c               inc  a       ; A = 1
WRA1:d331 04               inc  b       ; Next tm
WRA1:d332 0d               dec  c
WRA1:d333 20 f7            jr   nz,d32c ; Loop until C = 0
WRA1:d335 22               ldi  (hl),a  ; Final item's quantity
WRA1:d336 36 ff            ld   (hl),ff ; End of Item PC list
WRA1:d338 14               inc  d       ; padding
WRA1:d339 c9               ret  
So a route for All TMs would basically follow:
- Obtain:
  • 8F
  • Necessary inventory
  • Necessary team
- Use 8F to execute code

I don't know of any speedruns that involve getting 8F, so I don't know if there exists a reliable route to obtain one. Every item can be bought somewhere except TM47 and Max Revive, so those would have to be found or morphed. There are several teams that can be used with 8F, but the smallest one I know of contains glitch Pokemon.

Alternatively, the TMs could all be obtained by a combination of getting them normally, using event manipulations to get them, and morphing other items into TMs. In any case, I kind of want to work out a route for this.

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Re: All TMs%

Post by Pinkpanther01 » Thu Aug 18, 2016 5:56 am

It seems like a legit idea

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Re: All TMs%

Post by NieDzekob » Sat Oct 15, 2016 4:23 pm

I'd try to change the map script pointer instead... seems more viable for speedrunning


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