LG Fly help

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LG Fly help

Post by JakeHathaway » Sun May 01, 2016 3:24 am

Hello speedpeople

These last few days Ive been learning the blue catch em all route and ive had a few problems with the LG fly glitch. My main problem arises when I initially try to set up the glitch city. I stand on the correct tile and jack into the building but rather than getting a menu flash from the trainer fly my game crashes. I'm thinking my problem has to do with an error I made in a menu previously, but I was wondering if anyone knew the source of this problem. The part that really baffles me is I actually got the glitch to work the first time I tried it, but after reloading a previous save state I have been unable to get the trick to work again. Ive read all of the guides, as well as watched several of Shenanigan's tutorial videos, but I cannot seem to locate the root of this problem. Any help or resources would be greatly appreciated!

Link is picture of what happens when I Jack too far down


Thank you,
Jake Hathaway


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