Pokémon Crystal - Battle Tower

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Pokémon Crystal - Battle Tower

Post by entrpntr » Sun Jan 31, 2016 11:39 pm

Hello everyone, this thread will be hosting the leaderboards and discussion for the unofficial Crystal Battle Tower category. This is a challenge category for the official release of Pokémon Crystal.

The leaderboards are being hosted on this Google Sheet for the time being.


Earn a prize from the Battle Tower by defeating 7 consecutive trainers (without the use of glitches). Any of the 10 difficulty levels (L10, L20, ..., L100) satisfy the category goal.

  • Timing is done by real time; saving/resetting is allowed.
  • Timing starts when New Game is selected and ends on fadeout from the Battle Room after the 7th Tower trainer is defeated.
  • Runs must be done on the English version.
  • Using a Poké Doll on the shiny Gyarados is allowed.
  • Glitches are not allowed.
  • All variants of VBA are banned. Approved emulators are Gambatte and BGB.
  • If using emulator, using save states is not allowed.
LEADERBOARD (link to full board)

1) UnderscorePoy - 3:43:42
2) werster - 4:06:28
3) entrpntr - 4:32:44
4) crafted - 5:35:58

To submit a time, either post in this thread or message me (forums/discord/twitch) with the following information:
  • Completion time.
  • Link to VOD.
  • Platform (i.e. Console/Emu).
  • Any comment to include with your run on the leaderboard.

L10 strats (Skarmory/Jolteon/Onix): To be added?

L50 strats (Typhlosion/Suicune/Snorlax): See this paste and links within for route notes.


Feel free to to post in this topic to ask questions, discuss strats, or submit a run to the leaderboard. Please see this post for general information about PSR's unofficial leaderboards.
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Re: Pokémon Crystal - Battle Tower

Post by XacerB8 » Sat May 07, 2016 3:08 pm

With the L50 strats, what stats are considered good/bad for Suicune/Snorlax. Is there a link that shows Pokemon data for L10 strats?

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Re: Pokémon Crystal - Battle Tower

Post by entrpntr » Sat May 07, 2016 9:57 pm

For Snorlax, Attack is important so you can kill stuff with less setup. Also, a decent combination of HP/Spc makes it so you can tank special attackers (special seemed more important than HP). Zapdos should be the only special attacker that can threaten to kill you in 3 turns (1 crit Thunderbolt + 2 non-crits), and the better stats you have, the less of a range that becomes.

For Suicune, a decent HP/Def combo is arguably the most important thing, since he'll be taking hits from the strongest physical attackers (defense seemed more important than HP). There are several speed thresholds that Suicune can hit, and I remember bad speed being annoying (such as on Skarmory, who spams Fly; outspeeding means you could Surf + Protect and take no Fly damage). A good chunk of the damage Suicune deals out is through Toxic + Protect, so special isn't super important, but obviously you'd prefer it to be good.

That said, this isn't a thorough analysis; just my recollections from playing thru the Battle Tower a dozen or so times. Once I familiarized myself with the team and strats that worked, stats seemed less important, and I was able to win consistently with bad stats.

I don't know if this is entirely accurate (***EDIT: new link, old one was pretty inaccurate), but this contains pokes for all difficulty levels: http://www.gamefaqs.com/gbc/375087-poke ... faqs/13657. If you don't mind at looking at walls of text, this is L10 data pulled straight from the disassembly and guaranteed to be accurate.


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