Pokemon Speedrun Leaderboard Change Opinion Rant

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Pokemon Speedrun Leaderboard Change Opinion Rant

Post by queentiger1989 » Sat Jun 04, 2016 3:56 pm

I've had this on my mind for some time. But do we need to implement rules for submitting runs that are bad?
What I mean is like the Pokemon red leader board has times on it that, as a speed runner, you know are not even "try hard" worthy. Should we do something about this?

How many runs do the checkers get per week, that the runs are shitty. We don't need over 200 runs when over half are not even a decent time. And by decent for red it should be 2:00 hours max. We probably have runs that are done one time, just so someone can say, "Hey I'm on a leader board with so and so, and I didn't try hard but I suck at everything else, so I do this just so I have one thing that I did accomplish."

It makes the people that actually take the time to get a decent time in Red, look like losers, because they spent the time actually grinding the game out and getting a time to be proud of and a decent time at that.

it frustrates me that some people are wanting their name on something without doing a decent job. Now I know some people are lazy, I get that, but for someone like me, who has heard complaints about it, can we please reward those who do a speed-runner job and make those who really want it, work at it. Speed-running isn't something that is easily and it shouldn't be broadcasted that way either.

Okay, done ranting!

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Re: Pokemon Speedrun Leaderboard Change Opinion Rant

Post by noobcubed » Sat Jun 04, 2016 11:41 pm

Having bad times on the leaderboard is harmless. It's not as though the existence 3:00 runs on the leaderboard devalues a 1:49. And we all have to start somewhere. Being able to put a time on the board, even if it's not great, could be the difference between putting off a runner and keeping him interested. And every runner, with enough effort, is a potential WR holder.

The only issue really is verification. No-one wants to verify those runs at the bottom of the leaderboards. Perhaps introduce a rule that runs above a certain cut-off point don't need verification?

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Re: Pokemon Speedrun Leaderboard Change Opinion Rant

Post by Keizaron » Sun Jun 05, 2016 8:25 am

Friendly reminder to both sides of the fence that the (non-)existence of a run on a leaderboard impacts nothing; the importance of the run should be for the runner regardless.

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Re: Pokemon Speedrun Leaderboard Change Opinion Rant

Post by Amoeba » Sun Jun 05, 2016 9:46 am

Funny, I just had this discussion with some of the leaderboard mods the other day, stating basically the same thing as you tiger.
As was pointed out to me, if people are willing to submit the time they want to, and the mods are willing to spend the time verifying it, how is that affecting anyone? Yes it isn't a good time, but that's why its towards the bottom of the leaderboard.

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Re: Pokemon Speedrun Leaderboard Change Opinion Rant

Post by RXFADEZ » Sun Jun 05, 2016 11:18 am

Just wanted to add one quick thing - although we should allow all speedruns on the leaderboards, it might be a good idea to not accept non-speedruns that are submitted (e.g. if somebody does a casual playthrough and just adds a timer with no intent in completing the game quickly or even perhaps doing a nuzlocke or other style of playthrough)

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Re: Pokemon Speedrun Leaderboard Change Opinion Rant

Post by Exarion » Sun Jun 05, 2016 5:36 pm

My opinion: As implied by the name, a leaderboard should be a place for the leading times of a category, not a compilation of PBs. Popular categories such as Red glitchless should have a minimum time, such as sub-2:00, and less popular categories should list the top 10 times. There are no benefits to having a bad time on a popular game's leaderboard. A new runner doesn't need his/her run to be verified to feel proud of it. And there are many other websites that can serve as PB trackers.

Having said this, if mods are OK verifying all of these runs, they shouldn't feel pressured to change the system.
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