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Post by entrpntr » Tue Dec 29, 2015 6:56 am

Can't find any discussion (or many resources in general) regarding flashcarts, so thought I'd at least post a topic.

I know NES (PowerPak) and SNES (sd2snes) runners make great use of flashcarts, utilizing ROMs (sometimes custom ones) and savestates for more efficient practice. I hadn't been aware until recently of some options for handheld systems: the ones that seem to be highest regarded are the Everdrive GB (GB/GBC) and EZ Flash IV (GBA); I know there are some for the DS systems as well, but didn't look too hard at those. Practice is their main use, but if they emulate accurately, I imagine it wouldn't be out of the question to allow them for leaderboard runs (presumably they would be treated like emulators).

In terms of emulation accuracy, it looks like neither comes with RTC functionality, so I'm guessing RBY might be the only games even up for consideration at this point when it comes to allowing runs on the leaderboards. I haven't found any definitive resource on how accurately these games are emulated on the Everdrive, but the ability to run on official hardware would seem to solve many accuracy issues. Also, while the current ones presumably don't, I would suppose future flashcarts may properly emulate games from Gen 2 on.

Anyway, I'm no hardware expert, so I'm only raising the question of how they should be treated. Anyone who knows more about emulation accuracy or who has experience with these (or other) flashcarts, please feel free to chime in.


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