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BennVenn's Gameboy Advance as Computer Controller project

Posted: Mon Jun 05, 2017 6:29 pm
by Khoury39
Hey guys I'm having a chat here with a Gameboy programmer called BennVenn. He is responsible for a line up of Gameboy related items such as flashcarts, vga modules, cart flashers and screen converters... You can see his work here: Our idea, me and his, is to create some form of USB adapter to get GBA's button presses. This way you would be able to play on an emulator (such as Gambatte Speedrun) and still use a GBA or GBA SP as a controller with one single link cable and cart (yes, you would need some sort of software getting the presses running to do this). The price would be targeted at 28$ with flashcart pre-flashed (and 20$ for people who already have a flashcart) and the adapter itself (all assembled, we're still thinking DIY kits to low the price even more). The plan is to create a Google Forms page and get as many "confirmations of pre-orders" as possible until the end of July (where the costumer would only give us his name, best contact form, opinions on the idea and if he's interested on buying this or not in the future when it gets available, we're thinking 40 "pre-pre-orders" would be good, there will be a discount for people who filled the forms and actually bought the product). Do you think this a good project? Thank you for the time :)