PSR Marathon 2015 - Host Scheduling/Applications

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PSR Marathon 2015 - Host Scheduling/Applications

Post by Dabomstew » Mon Aug 03, 2015 6:01 am

Hello everyone,

The marathon is less than two weeks away, so with SGDQ over and done with we need to sort out a few more things so everything goes smoothly when the time comes. One of these things is figuring out who will be filling the role of stream "host" throughout the marathon.

What will the host do?
  • Your primary role is to control the "streambox" - use remote desktop software to access it and make sure it keeps running correctly. You will use OBS/Xsplit like you would on your own PC to put each run onto the stream. Layouts will probably be mostly preconfigured but you will still be required to capture each stream feed as they come and do miscellaneous tasks like starting/stopping the run timer.
  • Your secondary role is to sit on the stream Mumble/TeamSpeak (still TBC which one) to announce runs as they come and be a second voice during the commentary as needed. You don't necessarily need to have intimate knowledge of every run that happens during your timeslot, but you being around as someone to help the conversation along will be helpful to some runners. Alternately, if the runner has a commentary team already you can just stay mostly silent until the next run comes up.
How do I apply / How long will I be doing it for / How will the hosts be decided?

To apply contact me on Skype and let me know which hours you will be available to host for during the marathon timeframe (13 August 19:30 UTC - 16 August 23:35 UTC). My Skype name is the same as pretty much every other name I use, and you can also find me easily if you're a member of the Red, Blue 151, Crystal or Emerald Skype groups. This application method is preferred because I will need to contact you before the marathon to let you have a trial run on the streambox to make sure you are able to control it fine, and having direct contact info facilitates this much easier than something informal like a forum post. If you really want to be a host but really don't want to use Skype, you can send me a forums PM instead to begin with. But you will need some other method of more instant communication such as being a lurker on the SRL IRC - email and PM don't really suit this.

The length of hosting shifts will hopefully be at most 6 hours each, but this will obviously depend on interest. If you are available at a time where not many other people are around, you may be asked to take a slightly longer shift. It is expected that you will be at your PC for the vast majority of your shift, especially around the changeovers between runs, but you can take short breaks during the middle of a run if necessary. The changeovers between hosts will be during runs if at all possible, so that run changeovers are (hopefully) quick and easy.

Hosts will be decided by the committee at our discretion based off the hours you are available. You will be contacted further as soon as we make a decision.

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Re: PSR Marathon 2015 - Host Scheduling/Applications

Post by 7hryne » Thu Aug 20, 2015 10:47 am

Hello everyone,
I'm not sure it is the best thread to post in, so if it isn't please delete it or move it to the appropriate one.

I just wanted to thank you all for the marathon, organizers and runners for the perfomance showed. I really enjoy restreamed it and all the commentator team did as well. It allowed me to meet some french Pokemon runners (who are pretty rare I have to say) as well as involve myself in the speedrun community which is something I really wanted to do.

If one day there is a PSR Marathon v2, be sure I'll be here to restream it. KevinTurtle


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