New Twitch Addition: Hosting

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New Twitch Addition: Hosting

Post by OU7C4ST » Sat Jul 26, 2014 9:07 pm

Now that hosting has been introduced, Using the PSR Twitch channel & scheduling marathons, among other things will be a breeze. I was unsure if I should of posted this in the events section or here, but I am rather excited of this addition. We should really start advertising the PSR Twitch channel now, & getting the word out of it being the 1-stop place to go to watch Pokemon Speedruns. If help is needed, Editors of a channel can handle the hosting commands, changing titles, and dashboard aspects. I would be more than willing to help out! :D

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Re: New Twitch Addition: Hosting

Post by spitfire » Sun Jul 27, 2014 9:37 am

Yeah this seems pretty huge in terms of events and marathons and such, wouldn't be the craziest idea in the world to start gathering a new committee to start putting things together for another PSR marathon later in the year :D

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Re: New Twitch Addition: Hosting

Post by Luckless » Sun Jul 27, 2014 1:58 pm

Might I point out that the new hosting system wont be as useful for online marathons as it may seem. Sure you'll be able to host someone's stream as it's your own but actually this system doesn't allow the host to put an overlay on top of the streams to make it more consistent or add commentary over it for such things as donation readings, reminding the stream what the marathon is, mentioning what the next game will be, etc. You'd have to go live between each game just to do that, or have the announcer on another stream and have to switch host to them constantly.

Using this system just in general could happen, there's certainly not many downsides to it if at all. I'm not sure if it would be useful enough to warrant having people monitoring it 24/7, switching the host, moderating chat, It's unproven how many people would use it after the initial realization that it's a thing. Don't get me wrong I'm not against this at all, it'd be great if it turned out to be a worthwhile thing to do. Another thing on the subject of using it for marathons is that if we do use it in general all the time, then use it also for the marathons, the marathons wouldn't be any different from what we see on it every day. If we're going to promote the channel I'd much rather it get known for something we actually stream on it than something that it shows on there when offline.

Maybe I'm just a pessimist on this occasion but these are just some things to think about before jumping straight into doing this.
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Re: New Twitch Addition: Hosting

Post by Vulajin » Sun Jul 27, 2014 6:06 pm

The most damning aspect of hosting is that the stream doing the hosting does not appear as online. For each game of the marathon, your marathon is at the mercy of the respective runner for discovery in the Twitch directory. You can't be featured on the front page, since you're not actually online and hosting is tied into your web-based stream page (it's a chat feature). There's no e-mail notifications that your marathon went live; you'll have to rely on other social media outlets to publicize your marathon.

What Luckless said about donation readers and stuff is pretty accurate. Most online marathons tend to use an ongoing Mumble channel or Skype call; you would need to make sure every single runner in your marathon was capable of streaming the Mumble/Skype audio properly. Stream branding (layouts, etc.) would need to be distributed to every single runner with instructions on setting it up. Basically you're putting yourself even more at the mercy of the N runners in your marathon for tech setup, instead of being able to centralize some of it.

Finally, hosting races is obviously impossible.

Hosting is a pretty cool feature for a lot of things, but hosting an online marathon is not really one of those things. I do think it would be a great idea to use the channel to periodically feature Pokemon runners, but this idea will need to be fully baked and some questions answered. For example, how do you get viewers to the channel? How do you get them to keep coming back when there are no notifications, etc.? If done right, this can help increase the profile of less well-known runners; if done poorly, it won't be any better than doing nothing.


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