PSR Marathon 2017 Information Thread

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PSR Marathon 2017 Information Thread

Post by Dabomstew » Wed Mar 29, 2017 9:19 pm

The PSR online community marathon is back for another year, and we hope this year will be the best yet! For those of you new to the community, the PSR Marathon is our community’s opportunity to showcase fun, nostalgic, top-level runs of our favourite Pokemon games, both main and non-main series alike on our official Twitch channel (

This thread will serve as the hub for all officially announced information. Currently everything is still vague, but details will be filled out as soon as possible once important decisions are made.

When is it?
The PSR Marathon for this year will be held the weekend of August 4-6. Precise start and end times won't be known until the schedule is released in June.

Timeline of Events
A rough set of dates for each major event that makes up the marathon planning will follow. More precise dates will be filled out in blocks as they become available - we plan to lay out a full set of dates for the game submission process once the committee has formed and decided the date for the marathon itself.

April 2 - Committee applications open
April 9 (23:59 PDT) - Committee applications close
April 28 - Game submissions open
May 14 (23:59 PDT) - Game submissions close
Early June - Cuts
Mid-Late June - Schedule

Current Events
The committee has been formed and the marathon date decided. Game submissions will be opening shortly.

The Committee
Dabomstew, Keizaron, Luckless, werster, thewasher19, RXFADEZ, eddaket, Amoeba, Sinstar, GarfieldTheLightning, RyuSerabii, MKDasher, tikevin83


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