Official PSR Marathon 2016 Information Thread

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Official PSR Marathon 2016 Information Thread

Post by Keizaron » Sun Apr 03, 2016 4:06 am

We are pleased to announce the return of the PSR Marathon! The official dates for the marathon will be Friday, August 12th through Sunday, August 14th. Please note that some time zones may be one calendar day ahead of the stated dates, depending on size of schedule and whatnot.

For those of you new to the community, the PSR Marathon is our community’s opportunity to showcase fun, nostalgic, top-level runs of our favourite Pokemon games, both main and non-main series alike on our official Twitch channel ( Our goal with this year’s marathon is to make it even better than last year’s, so with that in mind we’re going to adhere to some solid deadlines and have backups lined up for any issues that may come.

This thread will be the central hub of information and various threads on the PSR Marathon. Tweets by staff/committee members and announcements in the Discord channel will also be prevalent to keep everybody in the loop. A rough set of deadlines is as follows:

April 2nd: Official announcement of the marathon; Application process for committee members opens
April 15th: Committee applications close
April 22nd: Committee members announced; game submissions begin
May 15th: Game submissions close
June 1st: First cuts are announced
June 15th: First draft of schedule
July 1st: “Final” draft of schedule

Please note the July 1st deadline is very tentative; we may finish it faster or slower, but it will definitely be available close to that date.

I will edit this post as the days go by with all relevant links, such as the applications and submissions threads. Here's to a successful marathon, everyone!


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