£75 ($100) in bounties for Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire Speedruns

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£75 ($100) in bounties for Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire Speedruns

Post by Amoeba » Sun Jan 17, 2016 2:12 am

Copied from the r/speedruns post:

"Hi, I'm Amoeba, and amongst a few things I've speedrun the gameboy advanced game Pokemon Pinball:Ruby & Sapphire Edition. I picked it up one day purely because I was, at the time, tired of the game I was running and wanted a quick distraction. I didn't expect to fall in love with the game quite like I did. It's an amazing, and surprisingly difficult, execution heavy speedgame (or at least it was for me~). At the time there was only one "serious" runner of the game (http://www.twitch.tv/gcah2006), and really that's how it is now, nearly a year after I started running the game. For me it's really disappointing, I love the game, and I've run each category as much as I could, trying to get the best times I can. But, I'm a big fan of competition. I very rarely run a category once I have the best time in it, with pinball being basically the only exception to this. So I'm placing a bounty on this, in the hopes of not only generating some competition, but hopefully to give this game the exposure I think it deserves.

Now for the technical points of the bounty; There are two main and one miscellaneous categories for pinball:
  • (Beat Rayquaza in) Ruby Field
  • (Beat Rayquaza in) Sapphire Field
  • Catch Jirachi (Misc. category)
The bounty that I'm setting works as follows: The first runner to beat any of my times in **any** of these categories claims the bounty *for that category*. Effectively, this is 3 seperate bounties, one per category. The amounts mostly reflect how I feel my time is in each category, and to a lesser extent how difficult the category is (Catch Jirachi is technically my most optimized time, but it's a 4min run that does exactly the same thing over and over).
  • Beating the Sapphire Field record gets you £45 (~$64)
  • Beating the Ruby Field record gets you £25 (~$25)
  • Beating the Catch Jirachi record gets you (just) £5 (because it's a bad category)
Conditions, Rules and other stuff:
  • The proof required is a full video recording of the run. Its doesn't have to be high quality but I do have to be able to tell what is going on. (Basically if it would be accepted on the speedrun.com leaderboards for the game I'll be fine with it). Potato cam is acceptable, provided I can tell what is happening.
  • While the pokemon speedrunning community doesn't allow World Records to be set on emulators, I'm setting this bounty as "beat my time" not "get WR". Hence the bounty can be claimed on emulators. *However* due to my lack of knowledge about emulators, the only one I'll accept is VBA. (VBA-M is fine too, but not VBA-RR.) I'll change this to allow more emulators if people with more knowledge can convince me otherwise, but I doubt anyone will bother going to those lengths.
  • These bounties can be claimed by anyone, whether you've run the game before or not (yes GCAH that means you too).
  • The same person can claim multiple/all the bounties, but the bounty is only for the *first* person to beat my time per category.
  • If I PB in any of the categories between now, the new time applies for the bounty. (I almost certainly wont be improving the Sapphire Field or Catch Jirachi time, Ruby Field is a maybe)
Finally, I'll post what little stuff there is that could help potential runners.

http://www.speedrun.com/Pokemon_Pinball ... d_Sapphire

Of the three categories, Sapphire Field is probably my best time, and will be the hardest to beat (hence the highest bounty). Ruby Field is an old time but gets very lucky with the Rayquaza Bonus in the SLOTS, so is more RNG dependent, but my pb is pretty poor execution wise. The Catch Jirachi run is pretty solid but there are a few mistakes. I suggest you don't run this category until you've tried the others, it's kind of a meme and doesn't show much of the game off at all.

Finally, feel free to message me on twitch (twitch.tv/bafflingamoeba) or twitter (@bafflingamoeba) if you want help. I'm normally quite busy with work but will certainly try and help out when I get time."

Edited the formatting to make it nicer to look at.


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